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Typification of Gyromitra perlata, type-species of the subgenus Discina (Discinaceae)

Nicolas Van Vooren
Peziza perlata Fr., basionym of Gyromitra perlata, is the type-species of the subgenus Discina. As many old names attached to supposed well-known species, its type is not clearly defined. Based on a sample from Fries’ herbarium, we propose the neotypification of this name to fix the main morphological and microscopic characters of the species

The genus Delastria (Pezizaceae), a worldwide revision

Aurelia Paz, Claude Lavoise, Pascal Chautrand, Pierre-Arthur Moreau & Jean-Michel Bellanger
We propose a monographic revision of the genus Delastria, with the description of four new species (Delastria evae sp. nov., D. faustiniana sp. nov., D. javieri sp. nov. and D. liebanensis sp. nov.) and the revision of two published ones (D. rosea and D. supernova).

Clonostachys spinulosispora (Hypocreales, Bionectriaceae), a new species on palm from French Guiana

Christian Lechat & Jacques Fournier
Clonostachys spinulosispora is introduced as a new species of Clonostachys (syn. Bionectria), based on material collected in French Guiana on dead palm leaves of Astrocaryum vulgare. The placement of the new species in Clonostachys is supported by morphological characters of the asexual morph obtained in culture and the bionectria-like sexual morph of the specimen in nature as well as analysis of ITS sequences. Its segregation from other known species of Clonostachys is primarily based on...

Pseudocosmospora hypoxylicola (Nectriaceae), a new species from the French Alps

Christian Lechat & Jacques Fournier
Pseudocosmospora hypoxylicola is described and illustrated based on material occurring on stromata of Hypoxylon fuscum on Alnus alnobetula in France. The placement of this fungus in the genus and its status as a distinct species are based on the study of its sexual and asexual morphs, colour of colony in culture and phylogenetic comparison of ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 and LSU sequences with those of cosmospora-like fungi having an acremonium-like asexual morph

Chaetopsina pnagiana (Nectriaceae, Hypocreales), a new holomorphic species from Saül (French Guiana)

Christian Lechat & Jacques Fournier
A new species of Chaetopsina is described and illustrated from a collection in French Guiana. Based on morphological divergences of both sexual and asexual morphs from known Chaetopsina species as well as phylogenetic analyses of ITS and LSU sequences, C. pnagiana is proposed as new species. A dichotomous key to holomorphic species of Chaetopsina is provided

Amphirosellinia gallaeciana sp. nov. (Xylariaceae), a new species from Spain

Jacques Fournier, José Manuel Castro Marcote, Enrique Rubio & Christian Lechat
The new species Amphirosellinia gallaeciana is described and illustrated based on material collected on branchlets of Castanea and Quercus in Galicia (Spain). The material collected is assigned to Amphirosellinia based on macro- and micromorphological characters and comparison of the ITS sequence with those of two species of Amphirosellinia, including the type species. The new name is proposed based on morphological differences with other known species that are discussed in detail

Compte rendu de la session d’étude Ascomycota en Vanoise – juin 2018

Nicolas Van Vooren
Report of the Ascomycota Foray, organized by Ascomycete.org, in the National Park of Vanoise (French Alps), in June 2018. The list of the 144 collected and studied taxa is also provided

Pseudocoprotus gen. nov. – eine neue Gattung für Cheilymenia catenipila J. Moravec

Uwe Lindemann, Bernd Fellmann & José Antonio Castillo
The genetical and morphological analyses of the type collection of Cheilymenia catenipila from New Zealand as well as of three recent collections from Europe confirm the separate position of this species. The phylogenetic analysis of three loci (28S rDNA, tef1, rpb2) places C. catenipila in the family of Ascodesmiaceae whereas the genus Cheilymenia belongs to Pyronemataceae s. str. The morphological examination confirms the result of the phylogenetical analysis. C. catenipila differs significally from the typical...

Compte rendu de la session Ascomycota Zone Alpine 2018

Brigitte Capoen
Report of the activities made during the foray dedicated to the Ascomycota of the Alpine zone, organised by Ascomycete.org in August 2018 in Piora (Tessin, Switzerland) and listing of the taxa studied by the participants.

Schlüssel zu den Arten der Gattung Anthracobia Boud. (Pyronemataceae)

H. Hohmeyer & H. Schnackertz

Discovering unrecorded genera of Helotiales in the Canary Islands

Luis Quijada & Esperanza Beltrán-Tejera
We report the first records for the Canary Islands of species of three genera of Helotiales, Dematioscypha dematiicola, Hamatocanthoscypha ocellata and Hyalopeziza nectrioidea. Macro-, micromorphological and ecological data are provided for these species.

The genus Xylaria sensu lato (Xylariaceae) in Guadeloupe and Martinique (French West Indies) II. Taxa with robust upright stromata

Jacques Fournier, Christian Lechat & Régis Courtecuisse
Fifteen species of Xylaria collected in Guadeloupe and Martinique, featuring upright stromata more than 5 mm wide, are described and illustrated herein. Twelve of them usually exceed this size, viz.: X. allantoidea, X. cubensis, X. cuneata, X. flabelliformis, X. formosana, X. globosa, X. moelleroclavus, X. olobapha, X. regalis, X. schweinitzii, X. telfairii and X. tuberoides. Three more slender species occasionally featuring more robust stromata are included, viz.: X. curta, X. hyperythra and X. scruposa. All...

Prima segnalazione di Donadinia helvelloides (Pezizales, Sarcosomataceae) in Italia

Salvatore Saitta & Matteo Carbone
Donadinia helvelloides is recorded for the first time in Italy based on collections made in Sicily. The finding in the “Bosco Tassita” within the Nebrodi Mountains Park confirms its link to wood debris of Taxus baccata. An updated phylogenetic studies on the genus Donadinia is proposed along with color pictures of fresh samples and microscopic details

Compte rendu de la session Ascomycota Zone Alpine 2019

Nicolas Van Vooren
Report of the foray dedicated to the Alpine zone Ascomycota, in August 2019 in the massif of Oisans (France, Isère), including the inventory made in the reserve of Lauvitel, and listing of the taxa studied by the participants

Raccolte mediterranee di Reddellomyces donkii

Carlo Agnello
A morphological study of Reddellomyces donkii, following many collections in Apulia (Italy) is presented. Photocolors, microsheets and drawing are also added

Pseudorhizina sphaerospora (Pezizales) und ihr Auftreten

Paul Kathriner
On the basis of Swiss finds in the Melchtal between 2013 and 2017, Pseudorhizina sphaerospora is illustrated and presented with information on its development and location, and its occurrence in 2017 is documented

Première récolte monténégrine d’une espèce menacée et protégée en Europe : Poronia erici (Xylariaceae)

Branislav Perić & Lucile Wendt
Poronia erici, a rare fungus, threatened and protected in Europe, is recorded for the first time in Montenegro. Descriptions, illustrations taken in situ and in laboratory, microscopic drawings, comments on its ecology and its European distribution are provided herein. A phylogenetic analysis is also proposed to position the genus Poronia within the Xylariaceae

Geejayessia montana (Hypocreales, Nectriaceae), a new species from French Alps and Spain

Christian Lechat & Jacques Fournier
Geejayessia montana sp. nov. is described and illustrated, based on two collections from high elevation in French Alps and Asturias in Spain. The placement of the new species in Geejayessia is supported by morphological characters of both sexual and asexual morphs as well as analysis of ITS sequences. Furthermore, the new combination Geejayessia hispanica (Lechat & Priou) Lechat & J. Fourn. comb. nov. is proposed. An updated key to the known species of Geejayessia is...

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