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Mean Sea Surface

The mean sea surface has been computed using a 20-year of TOPEX/POSEIDON, ERS-2 , GFO, JASON-1,JASON-2, ENVISAT mean profile and data of the ERS-1, Jason-1, and Cryosat-2 geodetic phase.

SWOT Data Challenge NATL60

Following the Observation System Simulation Experiment (OSSE) framework, the SSH observations include simulations of Topex-Poseidon, Jason 1, Geosat, Envisat, and SWOT altimeter data. There are along-track products for each mission and a gridded product extracted from a realistic high-resolution ocean simulation (NATL60).

Conception et mise en orbite

Océans : le projet Argonautica

Atmosphère : le projet Calisph'Air

La communication par satellite

Le système solaire

Vivre dans l'espace



Les projets éducatifs du CNES


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Simulated SWOT products

The SWOT Sea Surface Height simulated products contain Level-2 Low Rate (LR) data (L2_LR_SSH) designed for ocean surfaces. Two phases have been simulated: the CalVal phase wich is at 1 day repetitive orbit and the Science phase which is at 21 days repetitive orbit. For each phase, both KaRin and Nadir measurements are provided. The provided Sea Surface Heights are calculated with 2 models: the Mercator Océan GLORYS 12v1 model (GLORYS - Mercator Ocean (mercator-ocean.fr))...


This data set includes wideband waveform measurements from the Galileo plasma wave receiver obtained during Venus encounter (1990/02/10), the first Earth encounter (1990/11/08 – 1990/12/16) and the second Earth encounter (1992/11/08 – 1992/12/20). These measurements are electric or magnetic waveforms obtained by rapidly sampling the potential at the input to the receiver from either the electric dipole antenna or the magnetic search coil antenna. The sample rates are 201,600 s^-1, 25, 200 s^-1, or 3,150...


This data set contains values of Rotor Attitudes (RA Right Ascension, DEC Declination, Twist) from the Galileo PWS AACS (Attitude and Articulation Control System). The period covered by a data file is 3 or 4 h maximum per day (February 10th, 1990 to December 14th, 1992).

ARCAD3 TBF Waveforms : E and B fields

This data set contains ARCAD3 TBF waveforms, E and B fields. The TBF experiment onboard the AUREOL3 satellite (ARCAD3 project) was designed to measure two electric and three magnetic wave field components in the range from 10 Hz to 16 kHz. Two telemetry systems were available on AUREOL3, high bit-rate real-time telemetry (TMF) and tape-recorded telemetry (TMS). The Waveform data are related to the TMF one. The ground stations mostly used are Tromsö (Norway) and...

Auroral Ion/Electron Energy Spectra

This data set contains ARCAD-3 Auroral Ion/Electron Energy Spectra from ROBE experiment. The SPECTRO/ROBE experiment onboard the AUREOL-3 satellite has been designed to measure auroral particle energy spectra, angular distributions in the energy range 10 eV- 21 keV/q. A number of various studies have been carried out, e.g., acceleration of auroral electrons, heating and acceleration of ionospheric ions, structure of large and small scale field aligned currents in the cusp, structure of the cusp region...

Demeter QuickLooks (Postscript)

DEMETER Quicklooks present data of all the science experiments. It represents half-orbit data with a low time resolution. - Date and orbit number, - Mode frame (Survey or Burst), - ICE experiment : 3 plots (spectra and waveforms), - IMSC experiment : 1 plot (spectra), - RNF neural network : 1 plot, - IDP experiment : 1 plot (counters), - IAP experiment : 2 plots (APR and ADV detectors), - ISL experiment : 2 plots...

ULYSSES orbit data (GSE frame, 1 min resolution)

This data set contains ULYSSES GSE position and velocity at 1 min resolution.

PHOBOS 2 cruise orbit data (HEE frame, 6 hours then 1 day resolution)

This data set contains the position and velocity of the PHOBOS-2 spacecraft in HEE (Heliocentric Earth Ecliptic) coordinate system. The time resolution is 6 hours from 1988-07-12 19:59:59.712 to 1988-07-20 19:59:59.712 and then 24 hours from 1988-07-22 00:00:00 to 1989-01-29 00:00:00.

PHOBOS-1 PWS Electric field, coarse range

This dataset contains E-field measurements of the quasi static component analyzed in the coarse range from DC to 0.2 Hz issued from PWS instrument of the APV-F experiment onboard PHOBOS-1.

PHOBOS-1 PWS Electric field spectra, raw data: 5Hz - 150KHz

This dataset contains E-field measurements from the PWS instrument of the APV-F experiment onboard PHOBOS-1: average of the low frequency fluctuations from 0.2 to 10 Hz (first value). r.m.s. outputs from 24 filters between 5 Hz and 150 kHz (24 last values).

Level-3 5Hz altimeter product

The DUACS along-track (Level-3) experimental product is deduced from full rate (20 to 40Hz) Level-2 altimeter measurements and delivered with a 5Hz (~1,3km) sampling. The sea surface height measurement from Sentinel-3A, Jason-2, Jason-3, SARAL-DP/AltiKa and Cryosat-2 have been processed over the [mid-2016, 2018] period. The product covers the North Atlantic Ocean (Latitudes > 10 degrees North), European Seas (Mediterranean, Black Sea and Baltic Sea). Different essential geophysical variables are disseminated. They correspond to the sea...

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