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Mean Dynamic Topography MDT CNES_CLS 2022

Solène Jousset
The Mean Dynamic Topography MDT-CNES-CLS2022 is an estimate of the mean over the 1993-2012 period of the sea surface height above geoid. Use of the latest GOCO06S geoid model (based on the complete GOCE mission fully reprocessed and 14 years of GRACE data) and 30 years of altimetry and in-situ data (hydrologic, drifters and High Frequency radar on a limited area).

Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) - fronts

The original technique, developed by Sallée et al. (2008), assumes that iso-contours of satellite absolute dynamic topography (ADT) can be proxies for the traditional sub-surface hydrographic definition of the main Southern Ocean fronts. A recent version includes updates with the following definitions : - Polar Front (PF) is associated with the -0.30 m ADT contour - Southern (main) branch of the Subantarctic Front (SAF) with the -0.10 m ADT contour - Northern branch of the...

Experimental products including CFOSat Topography for wave current interactions studies

3 datasets are proposed 1/ along-track L3 nadir geostrophic velocities of CFOSat mission, 2/ gridded L4 Sea level anomalies and geostrophic velocities from 4 merged missions including CFOSat (Jason-3, Sentinel-3A, Sentinel-3B, CFOSat) 3/ gridded L4 Sea level anomalies and geostrophic velocities from 3 merged missions without CFOsat (Jason-3, Sentinel-3A, Sentinel-3B). The L3 CFOSat products use the same methodology as the operational DUACS products distributed by CMEMS (https://marine.copernicus.eu), except that the low frequency has been filtered...

SAR images for Sentinel-1 database

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems such as Sentinel 1 generate several million km2 of ocean imagery each month. Their analysis reveals many metoceanic phenomena, such as the presence of surfactants, sea ice, rain, convection zones or atmospheric fronts. If their detection is possible by an experienced analyst on a limited number of cases, the exploitation of all the SAR measurements remains for the moment impossible without the help of artificial intelligence (Colin et al., 2022,...

Four years of CFOSAT scientific results (2018-2022)

Lotfi Aouf & Danièle Hauser
Four years of scientific results (2018-2022) based on the CFOSAT Science Team results and the CAL/VAL expert group activity.

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  • 2023

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