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L'éducation physique et sportive du XXIe siècle ou les enjeux d'une EPS de qualité (1981-1921)

Tony Froissart, Aline Paintendre & Jean Saint-Martin
How has sport education evolved since its reintegration into the Ministry of Education in 1981? One of the objectives of this book is to present a problematised assessment of the transformations of PE by questioning not only the institutional and disciplinary stakes, but also the cultural and epistemological stakes and, finally, the socio-professional dimensions of the choices made over the past forty years.

Lexique et référence

Silvia Palma, Pierre Frath, Emilia Hilgert, Georges KLEIBER & René Daval
The seventh edition of the international symposium "Res per nomen" extended to the whole of the lexicon the reflection on the role of naming in categorization, on the link between meaning, reference and category, on the dynamic construction of meaning in the enunciative and discursive process. This volume includes lexical studies resulting from the confrontation between older or more recent, often opposing, models of analysis of meaning and reference, with the most convincing results.

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