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Le Transfrontalier

Nikol Dziub

Scène et piste : spatialité du récit d’enquête

Dominique Meyer-Bolzinger

De la nordicité au boréalisme

Frédérique Toudoire-Surlapierre, Alessandra Ballotti & Claire McKeown
In recent years, through novels and television series ("Vikings", "Millennium", "Borgen" or "Occupied"), Nordic culture has become more visible internationally. At the same time, researchers are questioning what the North is, its conceptualisation, its cultural implications, its geographical characteristics, its social and political challenges. This volume is part of the current debate on the Nordic imaginary based on a notion, Nordicity, which intersects with borealism. Plural and mobile, the North inspires both scriptural and figurative...

Vin et altérité

Augustin Voegele, Thomas Nicklas, Frédérique Toudoire-Surlapierre, Michel Faure & Sonia Goldblum
As a reflection of a terroir and a landscape, as an emblem of a region, a nation or a civilisation, wine also facilitates a connection between cultural dimensions that we are used to discriminating in our everyday representations (human/divine, human/animal, noble/common, beautiful/monstruous, natural/artificial). It is thus a vector of alterity, an invitation to go towards the other, to modify or alter one's vision of the world, to cross not only regional and national borders, but...

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