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“Light, That’s Important!” - Involving Customers Preferences In Hotel Rooms Design.

Pauline Fernandez, Agnès Giboreau & Maud Fontoynont
The impact of lighting on the comfort of a hotel room perceived by the user is a crucial issue. Perception of lighting quality depends on its parameters, the context in which lighting is perceived, and the users who are experiencing the environment. In this study, 203 customers expressed their preference among 4 luminous scenarios for 3 different activities experienced in the room. This study highlights different needs and expectations in terms of lighting, depending on...

How to evaluate a gastronomic experience? The role of spontaneous language to capture emotions.

Benedicte LUNEL, Laura ZERBINI, Francois ABIVEN & Agnes GIBOREAU
In the context of high quality food, such as meals in a gastronomic restaurant, classical approaches using liking levels hardly differentiate recipes as products are all rated excellent. More, recipes are often complex, with many stimuli contributing the overall judgment: the visual dressing of the plate, the flavour and texture of each component, e.g. meat, vegetable 1, vegetable 2, sauce, starch… The objective of this work is to define a way to measure consumer opinion...

Development Of A Database To Assess The Healthiness Of Children’s Menus In Commercial Restaurant

Saulais Laure & Candice Lazreug
The environment plays a major role in the rise of childhood obesity and overweight. This article reports the development of a database of menus targeting children in commercial foodservice. The aim of this database is to allow public health professionals to better assess the healthiness of foodservice environments that children have access to when eating out in restaurants.

The influence of thickness and carbonation on consumers’ perception of freshness in alcoholic beverages

Jeremy Roque, Agnès Giboreau & Anne-Cécile Britt
The perception of freshness has received consideration in consumer studies since it is generally perceived as pleasurable by consumers in food and beverage products and it may be expected to influence their purchase and consumption behavior. Online surveys and laboratory studies have shown that somesthetic parameters such as carbonation and fluid texture may contribute to the experience of freshness in soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. The experiment reported here aimed at investigating the influence of...

The Experimental Cafe: An Exploratory Study On Consumers' Behaviour Towards Food Information In A Natural Consumption Context

Adriana Galiñanes Plaza
On November 21st-23rd, 2017, the Center for Food and Hospitality Research of the Institut Paul Bocuse participated in Food Matters Live. During the event, a live experiment on the effect of information on food choices was set up in partnership with Levy Restaurants and Food Matters Live. During the three days of the experiment, data were collected at the lunch break.The information of the set menus was slightly modified every day, with the rest of...

lobalization Of Food Practices And Local Food Cultures: The Use Of Takeaway By Young Adults In France, Mexico And The Usa

Maxime Michaud & Bérénice Perroud
The practice of takeaway is often described in the media as a globalized trend, concerning mainly young adults. This preliminary study aims at questioning this idea by comparing the point of view of young consumers in France, Mexico and in the USA. Two interviews have been conducted in each country, plus two interviews with French food trucks owners. If “saving time” seems to be a shared motivation to buy takeaway food in each country, the...

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