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Modelling to resolve whether SEIS, the seismometer of the NASA Insight lander, has detected the formation of a 1.5m diameter crater which occurred about 40km away.

Carène Larmat, Keisuke Onodera, Ross Maguire & Philippe Lognonné
A new 1.5m diameter crater was discovered on Context camera Images of Mars surface. This crater is relatively close to the NASA InSight lander, at a distance of approximately 40km. Three seismic events were recorded by SEIS, the seismometer of InSight, between the last image without the crater and the second image with the crater. Seismic analysis and modelling were performed in order to test if any of these events is indeed the record of...

Data from the article: The polarization of ambient noise on Mars

Eléonore Stutzmann, Martin Schimmel & Philippe Lognonné
This dataset contains the processed data of the article: Stutzmann, Schimmel, Lognonné et al. The polarization of ambient noise on Mars. (2020) J. Geophys. Res. doi:10.1002/essoar.10503376.1. Raw data are available at doi:10.18715/SEIS.INSIGHT.XB_2016

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  • 2020

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