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SAFRAN Tunisia Precipitation Analysis

This dataset contains a daily precipitation analysis performed using SAFRAN and the full rain gauges database of the Direction Générale des Resources en Eau (DGRE) of Tunisia containing over 2000 stations. SAFRAN is a meteorological analysis system developed by Météo-France.


Nitrogen is an essential element controlling ecosystem carbon (C) productivity and its response to climate change and atmospheric [CO2] increase. This study presents the evaluation – focussing on gross primary production (GPP) – of a new version of the ORCHIDEE model that gathers the representation of the nitrogen cycle and of its interactions with the carbon cycle from the OCN model and the most recent developments from the ORCHIDEE trunk version. We quantify the model...

DEEPSTORM (DEEP moiSt aTmospheric cOnvection with micRowave radioMeter)

Jean-François Rysman, Patrick Raberantp, Chantal Claud & Beatriz Funatsu
The DEEPSTORM dataset contains daily, mensual and annual occurrences of deep moist atmospheric convection, rain and hail from 1999 to present with a resolution of 0.2°x0.2° between 60°S and 60°N. Convection, rain and hail occurrences are identified using observations from AMSU-B and MHS passivemicrowave radiometers. References : Hong G, Heygster G, Miao J, Kunzi K. 2005. Detection of tropical deep convective clouds from AMSU-B water vapor channels measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres) 110: D05205...

The Energy for CLimate Integrated Model

Alexis Tantet
e4clim is an open-source Python software developed to integrate multiscale flexibility needs associated with Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) in the development and evaluation of regional energy mix scenarios. The software is designed to provide a flexible and extensible tool to the research and engineering community, and for educational and outreach missions. It aims at (i) evaluating and optimizing energy deployment strategies with high shares of VRE; (ii) assessing the impact of new technologies and of...

The High-Tune Explorer : first tests and publications

Frédéric Hourdin, Fleur Couvreux & Laurent Fairhead
High-Tune Explorer is a suite of programs developed in the frame of the High-Tune project, supported by the ANR french research agency. The data available on the DOI is linked to a 2-part publications in Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems Process-based climate model development harnessing machine learning: I. a calibration tool for parameterization improvement A major task in the development of atmospheric models is the development of parameterizations to account for processes not...

Le Chade LaMP X Band radar

Van Baelen Joel

Micro Rain Radar LaMP St-Etienne-de-Fontbellon

Van Baelen Joel

Multifractal models of telluric planets / exoplanets topography - v1

We propose here a general statistical theory to describe and generate realistic synthetic topographies of rocky exoplanetary bodies. In the solar system, we have examined the best-known bodies: the Earth, Moon, Mars and Mercury. It turns out that despite their differences, they all can be described by multifractral statistics, although with different parameters. Assuming that this property is universal, we propose here a model to simulate 2D spherical random field that mimics a rocky planetary...

Mars GCM (MGCM) outputs during the whole Martian year MY 29

Gabriella Gilli, François Forget & Aymeric Spiga
This database includes the outputs (e.g Temperature, winds) of the Mars GCM (MGCM), in a common format (netcdf), obtained during the whole Martian year MY 29, at local time 3h and 15h. The runs are performed with a non-orographic gravity wave scheme activated/deactivated, as described in the paper, with the best-fit parameters listed in Table 1. The Mars Climate Database temperature retrieval dataset (version 5.2), binned in 3.75º latitude, 5.625º longitude and 5º solar longitude,...

Ozone vertical distribution dataset retrieved from SPICAM/Mars Express stellar and solar occultations

Anni Määttänen & Franck Montmessin
Ozone profile retrievals from SPICAM/Mars Express ultraviolet solar and stellar occultations. Published in Määttänen et al. 2019 (submitted to Icarus).

Meteo-France high resolution radiosounding data from Faa'a station

High resolution radiosounding data from Meteo-France Faa'a station during the Intensive Observational Period (IOP) dedicated to validate the new MODEM robotsonde installed at the end of September 2018


ORCHIDEE is a process-based ecosystem model developed for simulating carbon, water and energy fluxes in ecosystems, from site level to global scale. ORCHIDEE-GM is a version specifically developed to integrate the management of grassland. The equations describing management in ORCHIDEE are derived from PaSim? model. Accounting for the management practices such as mowing, livestock grazing and fertilizer application on a daily basis, ORCHIDEE-GM proves capable of simulating the dynamics of leaf area index, biomass, and...


The importance of northern peatlands in the global carbon cycle has been recognized, especially for long-term changes. Yet, the complex interactions between climate and peatland hydrology, carbon storage and area dynamics make it challenging to represent these systems in land surface models. This study describes how peatland are included as an independent sub-grid hydrological soil unit (HSU) into the ORCHIDEE-MICT land surface model. The peatland soil column in this tile is characterized by multi-layered vertical...

APIFLAMEv2 biomass burning emissions model

Solène Turquety
The APIFLAMEv2 software allows the calculation of emissions of trace gases and aerosols from biomass burning. It is based on the fire detection and vegetation type observations by the MODIS Terra and Aqua satellites. For each fire and associated vegetation type, the consumed fuel is calculated and the corresponding emissions of trace gases and aerosols are derived using a list of emission factors.


Daniel S. Goll
Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) constraints on carbon (C) and energy exchanges between terrestrial biosphere and atmosphere are a major source of uncertainty regarding the drivers of the land C sink. In this study, we evaluated the performance of the global version of the land surface model ORCHIDEE-CNP (v1.2) which explicitly simulates N and P cycles on land, based on a compilation of data from remote-sensing, ground-based measurement networks and ecological databases. The sensitivity of...

CHIMERE v2017r4 directory associated to [Lachatre et al., 2020] publication

Mathieu Lachatre & Sylvain Mailler
CHIMERE CTM version used to test new strategies for vertical transport in chemistry-transport modelling.

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