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Landcover map Ardeche, Ceze and Gardon Bassins

Micro Rain Radar OSUG Montbrun

Landcover map Claduegne catchment

SAFRAN analysis over Spain

SAFRAN is a mesoscale analysis of near surface meteorological variables. This dataset contains the analysis performed within the FP7 eartH2Observe project. The first guess used is ERA-Interim. The station data comes from AEMET. Thus, there is no station data in Portugal. WARNING: The arrays cover Portugal, but as Portuguese station data was not available, Portugal should be masked out.


El Amaraoui Laaziz
AOD (MODIS) assimilation in the CTM MOCAGE for the period of the intensive TRAQA measurement campaign. This dataset is complementary to the dataset of the MOCAGE direct model simulation (http://dx.doi.org/10.14768/MISTRALS-CHARMEX.1034)


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Dataset of orographic precipitations in the Ardeche area. Measurements will be carried out with a X-band dual polarization Doppler radar (MXPOL). The main polarimetric variables will be made available to the dataset.

Micro Rain Radar LaMP Le Pradel

Van Baelen Joel

Stable isotopes of the water vapour in the Atmospheric boundary layer from five Atlantic Ocean cruises in 2012-2015

Marion Benetti & Hans Christian Steen-Larsen
The marine boundary layer atmospheric water vapour isotopic composition (oxygen 18 and deuterium) has been measured above the Atlantic Ocean from 5 research vessels between 2012 and 2015. Using laser spectroscopy analysers, measurements have been carried out semi-continuously on samples collected 10-20 meter above sea level.

Le Chade LaMP X Band radar

Van Baelen Joel

Micro Rain Radar LaMP St-Etienne-de-Fontbellon

Van Baelen Joel

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