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Daily gridded precipitation observational products at 1°x1°: ground-based, satellite, and reanalysis datasets

Rémy Roca
This database includes multiple precipitation estimates from ground-based, satellite and reanalysis products, gridded at the 1x°xdaily resolution in a common format in support of the various WCRP precipitation assessment (GEWEX Data Analysis Panel, GC on Extremes,...).


Daniel S. GOLL
This version of ORCHIDEE has been used in publication : "Low phosphorus availability decreases susceptibility of tropical primary productivity to droughts" by Daniel S. GOLL, Emilie JOETZJER, Mengtian HUANG, and Philippe CIAIS in Geophysical Research Letters as manuscript 2018GL077736

A bias-corrected dataset for Africa using CDF-t method

Adjoua Famien
AMMA-2050 bias-corrected CMIP5 datasets over Africa using Cumulative Distribution Function transform (CDF-t) method. See http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ for more details.

ORCHIDEE-ROUTING: A new river routing scheme using a high resolution hydrological database

This study presents a revised river routing scheme (RRS) for the Organising Carbon and Hydrology in Dynamic Ecosystems (ORCHIDEE) land surface model. The revision is carried out to benefit from the high resolution topography provided the Hydrological data and maps based on SHuttle Elevation Derivatives at multiple Scales (HydroSHEDS), processed to a resolution of approximately 1 kilometer. The RRS scheme of the ORCHIDEE uses a unit-to-unit routing concept which allows to preserve as much of...

ORCHIDEE_CAN revision 2290

Sebastiaan Luyssaert
Since 70% of global forests are managed and forests impact the global carbon cycle and the energy exchange with the overlying atmosphere, forest management has the potential to mitigate climate change. Yet, none of the land-surface models used in Earth system models, and therefore none of today’s predictions of future climate, accounts for the interactions between climate and forest management. We addressed this gap in modelling capability by developing and parametrising a version of the...

ORCHIDEE_CAN revision 3069

Sebastiaan Luyssaert
The Paris Agreement contains the implicit assumption that enhancing the forest sector carbon sink through sustainable forest management and biomass usage will result in climate benefits. Here, we use simulation experiments to search for portfolios of sustainable forest management that, by the turn of the 21st-century, comply with the Paris Agreement, i.e., reduce the growth rate of atmospheric CO2, reduce the radiative imbalance at the top of the atmosphere, and neither increase the near-surface air...

A generic pixel-to-point comparison for simulated large-scale ecosystem properties and ground-based observations: an example from the Amazon region

Comparing model output and observed data is an important step for assessing model performance and quality of simulation results. However, such comparisons are often hampered by differences in spatial scales between local point observations and large-scale simulations of grid-cells or pixels. In this study, we propose a generic approach for a pixel-to-point comparison that accounts for the uncertainty resulting from landscape variability and measurement errors in ecosystem variables, and provide statistical measures. The basic concept...

The use of radiocarbon 14C to constrain carbon dynamics in the soil module of the land surface model ORCHIDEE (SVN r5165)

Bertrand Guenet
Despite the importance of soil as a large component of the terrestrial ecosystems, the soil compartments are not well represented in the Land Surface Models (LSMs). Indeed, soils in current LSMs are generally represented based on a very simplified schema that can induce a misrepresentation of the deep dynamics of soil carbon. Here, we present a new version of the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL) Land Surface Model called ORCHIDEE-SOM (ORganizing Carbon and Hydrology in...

Downscaled Relative Humidity profiles for tropical ice clouds

Giulia Carella
This dataset provides downscaled relative humidity profiles at 90 m resolution for tropical ice clouds derived from measurement of relative humidity from SAPHIR, a passive microwave sounder with a nominal resolution of 10 km. The downscaled profiles were obtained by an iterative non-parametric regression of the coarse resolution relative humidity as a function of co-located measurements of the scattering ratio from the CALIPSO lidar.

ORCHIDEE_MICT-LEAK revision 5459

Simon Bowring
Here, the production, transport and atmospheric release of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from high-latitude permafrost soils into inland waters and the ocean is explicitly represented for the first time in the land surface component (ORCHIDEE) of a CMIP6 global climate model (IPSL). The model presented here mechanistically represents vegetation and soil physical processes for (a) high latitude snow, ice and soil phenomena, and (b) DOC production and lateral transport and atmospheric evasion as CO2 through...

Multifractal models of telluric planets / exoplanets topography - v1

We propose here a general statistical theory to describe and generate realistic synthetic topographies of rocky exoplanetary bodies. In the solar system, we have examined the best-known bodies: the Earth, Moon, Mars and Mercury. It turns out that despite their differences, they all can be described by multifractral statistics, although with different parameters. Assuming that this property is universal, we propose here a model to simulate 2D spherical random field that mimics a rocky planetary...

Mars GCM (MGCM) outputs during the whole Martian year MY 29

Gabriella Gilli, François Forget & Aymeric Spiga
This database includes the outputs (e.g Temperature, winds) of the Mars GCM (MGCM), in a common format (netcdf), obtained during the whole Martian year MY 29, at local time 3h and 15h. The runs are performed with a non-orographic gravity wave scheme activated/deactivated, as described in the paper, with the best-fit parameters listed in Table 1. The Mars Climate Database temperature retrieval dataset (version 5.2), binned in 3.75º latitude, 5.625º longitude and 5º solar longitude,...

Ozone vertical distribution dataset retrieved from SPICAM/Mars Express stellar and solar occultations

Anni Määttänen & Franck Montmessin
Ozone profile retrievals from SPICAM/Mars Express ultraviolet solar and stellar occultations. Published in Määttänen et al. 2019 (submitted to Icarus).

Meteo-France high resolution radiosounding data from Faa'a station

High resolution radiosounding data from Meteo-France Faa'a station during the Intensive Observational Period (IOP) dedicated to validate the new MODEM robotsonde installed at the end of September 2018

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