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Talk 3

Alexandra Vydrina
Inhabitants of Jinkoya and Amadou Maka from Kouroupampa village talking to each other about the life of kakabe people and how they were exploited by Fulbe in the past.

Cuối Chăm vocabulary, part 4 of 11

Michel Ferlus
Cuối Chăm vocabulary, elicited through the Vietnamese

Histoire : zhameng he maotouying

Guillaume Jacques

Appeal to the gods to settle a quarrel

Alexis Michaud
Appeal to the gods to settle a quarrel: in feudal times, when people had a disagreement that they were unable to settle, they would go to the monastery and present their point of view before the gods, swearing that they were telling the truth. The gods would then punish the guilty one [through plagues and misfortunes].

Legend of the 7 girls and 7 boys

Michel Ferlus
Legend of the 7 girls and 7 boys

Väräh saasaa

Alexandre François
Chants et danses


Margaret Dunham

Acoustic record of a Xumi speaker Duoding (01)

Katia Chirkova, Angélique Amelot & Patricia Basset
Equipment: an AKG C520 headset microphone connected to a multichannel recording device (Digidesign 003 Rack+ Factory Pro Mixer 12U) and linked up to a Mac computer; Glottal Enterprises two-channel electroglottograph (model EGG2); Piezoelectric Accelerometer from K&K

Custom story

Eleanor Ridge

Chant de Kautjajuk aux chiens

Marc-Antoine Mahieu

Histoire de Kautjajuk

Marc-Antoine Mahieu

Histoire de Kautjajuk

Marc-Antoine Mahieu

Chant: Les travaux des cocoteraies

Alexandre François

Vocabulary list for Quang Binh dialect of the Nguồn language as spoken in the village of Tem [Tan Hoa commune], part 1 of 3

Michel Ferlus
Mường vocabulary, from word item 1 to word item 1277, EFEO-CNRS-SOAS lexicon [from n° 1 to 212.3 following Ferlus's numbering]

Ama ddagga 6a

Katia Chirkova

Histoire : shenqi de feitan

Guillaume Jacques

AdaGram grammatical survey, part 5

Jakob Lesage
Grammatical elicitation based on the AdaGram questionnaire developed for the AdaGram project. Topics treated in this recording are logophoric pronouns, standard negation, passive, dative constructions, and locative predication.

Résumé du conte Enfermé dans la grotte

Alexandre François

Chants : Ode à un grand chef, l'avion, hirondelle, le géant d’Aya, les cocoteraies

Alexandre François

Terrestrial branches: properties associated with one's year of birth

Alexis Michaud
This is an account of what people thought about this and that year in the Chinese horoscope (生肖), such as 'the year of the Dog', 'the year of the Tiger, etc: how the Terrestrial Branches were perceived by the Na, which properties were attributed to them. People born in the year of the Tiger are strong, people born in the year of the Rabbit are fast, etc.

An untimely death (sequel)

Martine Mazaudon & Boyd Michailovsky
Narrative in Limbu, describes an accidental death and the ritual performed by a "yeba" shaman to appease and control the victim's ghost ("sogha").

Les plumes et les duvets

Walter Breu & Lenka Scholze
Die Sprecherin berichtet, daß die Mädchen, bevor sie heiraten konnten, erst Federbetten und –kissen besitzen mußten. Deshalb gab es auf den Höfen immer viele Gänse, deren Federn auch entkielt werden mußten. Im Winter kamen viele Frauen ins Haus um mitzuhelfen, aber auch um Nachrichten auszutauschen. Die (jungen) Burschen aber erlaubten sich auch mal einen Spaß. Am Abend nach der Arbeit gab es immer einen Umtrunk, zum Abschluß auch etwas Besseres.

Commented reading of the manuscript "The Origin of Monkeys" from the Maspero Collection

Michel Ferlus & Thị Thường Võ
Commented reading of the manuscript "The Origin of the Monkeys" from the Maspero Collection. 2 pages. Comments in Vietnamese

Amagga song 1

Katia Chirkova

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