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Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass (CRIM)

Richard Freedman, Philippe Vendrix, David Fiala, Micah Walter, Emilio Sanfilippo, Raffaele Viglianti & Daniel Russo-Batterham

Exploring the effects of trifluoromethyl group in the design of organocatalysts, enzyme inhibitors and in the conformational control of saturated nitrogen-containing heterocycles

Volodymyr Sukach, Sergii Melnykov, Sylvain Bertho & Pascal Retailleau

The search for the Adamic language and the emergence of transcultural aspiration in the aftermath of the European maritime discoveries

Ewa Anna Łukaszyk & Marie-Luce Demonet

Catholyte formulations for high-energy Li-S batteries

Satyajit Phadke, Erwan Coadou, Julie Pires, Alexander Korzhenko & Mérièm Anouti

Mechanisms of glass crystallization analyzed by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)

Wolfgang Wisniewski & Mathieu Allix

Behavior, sensory reception and genomics in a vector insect

Marcelo Gustavo Lorenzo & Claudio R. Lazzari

Strategies to enhance cosmeceuticals in in vitro cultures of herbal plants

Bilal Haider Abbasi , Christophe Hano & Nathalie Giglioli-Guivarc’h

Tracking the colonization patterns of an expanding forest pest and its natural enemies using molecular markers

Mauro Simonato, Laure Sauné, Carole Kerdelhué, Emmanuelle Magnoux & Jérôme Rousselet

Global Tree-Ring Growth Evolution Neural Network (VS-GENN)

Vladimir Shishov, Ivan Tychkov, Margarita Popkova, Minhui He , Bao Yang & Philippe Rozenberg

Targeting acetylcholine receptors to enhance immunity to infection

William Horsnell, Luke B. Roberts, Corinna Corinna Schnoeller, Matthew Darby, Claire Mackowiak, Delphine Sedda, Valerie Quesniaux, Bernhard Ryffel, Rachel Vaux, Rita Berkachy, Kleoniki Gounaris & Murray E. Selkirk

Numerical simulation of singular conservation laws and related applications

Guoxian Chen & Magali Ribot

Coordination compounds as antioxidants: activity evaluation by combining first-principle calculations and solid-state NMR

Arlette Richaud, Pierre Florian & Méndez Francisco

Middle Ages in Renaissance

Maria Clotilde Camboni & Chiara Lastraioli

Teaching, research and university extension from a perspective of Design for social innovation

Beany Monteiro, Ludovic Duhem, Jacqueline Febvre & Aurélien Montagu

A Vanadium Redox Flow Battery based on a highly concentrated Protic Ionic Liquid Electrolyte

Georgios Nikiforidis & Mérièm Anouti

Role of microorganisms in the carbon cycling of peatlands

Juanita Mora-Gómez, Qian Li, Fabien Leroy, Sébastien Gogo & Fatima Laggoun

The Children’s ‘68

Sophie Heywood & Cécile Boulaire

The impact of IFNγ signaling in the pulmonary damage during Plasmodium bergheiANKAinfection

Norinne Lacerda-Queiroz, Mélanie Meda, Florence Savigny, Nicolas Riteau & Valérie Quesniaux

New crystallization strategies to fast-feed structure-guided pharmacological development – Applications to large biological assemblies involved in RNA metabolism

Emmanuel Saridakis, Franck Coste, Bertrand Castaing & Marc Boudvillain

Investigation of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Defect Centers of ZnO Nanowires for Nano-Generators

Emre Erdem, Camille Justeau & Guylaine Poulin-Vittrant

Recombinant Intrabodies as Molecular Tools and Potential Therapeutics for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Dênis Reis de Assis, Anna Chami, Rudolf Hergesheimer, Judith Halewa, Seyedeh Tayebeh Ahmad Pour, Débora Lanznaster, Osbaldo López Charcas, Lucie Brisson, Maxime Gueguinou, Sébastien Roger, Jean-François Dumas, Frédéric Laumonnier, Patrick Vourc´h & Hélène Blasco

How to make a little worm pump like a big worm

Georg von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Alexander P. Gerhard, Jürgen Krücken, Claude Charvet & cedric neveu

Art and the City: Urban Space, Art, and Social Movements

Tijen Tunali & Gulcin Erdi

Numerical Algorithms and Observer Design for Fractional Order Systems

Yiming Chen, Driss Boutat & Dayan Liu

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