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Assessment of Zeolites X and Y as Antimicrobial Fragrance Carriers

Nurcan Bac & Huseyin Erdogmus
Fragrances are a mixture of volatile chemicals or natural oils that can quickly loose their aroma when they are open to the atmosphere. Encapsulation is used to prolong the release of volatile components and control the persistance of fragrance in household products like soaps and detergents. Zeolites can adsorb large amounts of fragrant molecules within their nanosized pores, and prolong delivery of the fragrance, increasing the shelf life of products they are incorporated in. Additionally,...

Journal of Targeting Infectiuos Diseases, Vol 1, No 1 (2016)

This volume will publish all accepted short oral and Poster presentations from 4th World Congress on Targeting Infectious Diseases dedicated to Phage Therapy which will be helded in Paris, France next June 2-3, 2016.


Product design is a process that includes a sequence of activities from idea generation to products. Product design is multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary, where creativity, science and technology are combined to create new products that meet users’ needs and expectations. Product design addresses the set of properties of an artifact, including the form, i.e., the aesthetics of the artifact, and the function, i.e., its capabilities, and also addresses the holistic properties of the integrated form and...

Journal of World Mitochondria Society, Vol 6, No 1 (2015): Issue of 6th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria

RESCUE OF MITOCHONDRIAL FUNCTIONS BY ACTIVATION OF SELECTIVE AUTOPHAGY (MITOPHAGY) IN LEBER’S HEREDITORY OPTIC NEUROPATHY (LHON). CX9C proteins as new stress-responsive bi-organellar regulators and disease modifiers MITIGATING NEUROLOGICAL MITOCHONDRIAL DISEASES WITH ISOTOPE REINFORCED PUFAS Effect of Caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) on ischemia-induced kidney mitochondrial injury Cerium nanoparticles ameliorates oxidative/nitrosative toxic stress in rat liver mitochondria ‏ RIBOFLAVIN AND THE MITOCHONDRIAL CONNECTION IN THE TREATMENT OF MIGRAINE , A RANDOMIZED COMPARATIVE STUDY HETEROLOGOUS PARKIN LOSS...

Journal of Digital Olfaction Society, Vol 4, No 1 (2016): Journal of Digital Olfaction Volume 4

Response of mouse muscone receptor MOR215-1 to binary odor Development of an Unencumbered Wearable Olfactory Display Odors at the Coherence of the senses in artistic experiences Olfactory stimulation as an element of environmental enrichment preventing mental disorders in animals Molecular determinants of olfactory habituation CREASPHER, A NEW GREEN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPED FOR LONG-LASTING RELEASE OLFACTORY ART: SCENT CONTEXT IS THE NEW THINKING; WHEN SCENT CREATES SCIENCES AND SOCIAL INVOLMENT BY CONTEXT. Imaging a Smell RESEARCH PROJECTS...

High-density lipoprotein oxidation in type 2 diabetic patients: is it a glycation-catalyzed process?

Annunziata Lapolla, Roberta Seraglia, Marco Roverso, Giovanni Sartore, Silvia Burlina, Angiola Bolis, Raffaella Marina, Enzo Manzato, Eugenio Ragazzi & Pietro Traldi
Among long-term diabetic complications, cardiovascular disease is one of the major causes of premature death. High density lipoproteins (HDL) play an important role in the control of vascular damage but ApoA-I can undergo oxidative changes that reduce their antiatherogenic role. The aim of this study was to evaluate methionine sulfoxide (MetO) content in the ApoA-I of HDL isolated from type 2 diabetics and healthy subjects. We evaluated the lipid profile of 21 type 2 diabetic...

Endothelial cell dysfunction caused by diabetes and age related reactive dicarbonyls

Andreas Simm, Kathleen Jacobs, Alexander Navarrete-Santos, Hendrik Treede & Britt Hofmann
Background Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) as well as AGE inducing dicarbonyls are involved in cardiovascular aging. Circulating dicarbonyls like Glyoxal (GO) and Methylglyoxal (MGO) are directly in contact with endothelial cells (ECs) and may be able to modulate EC function. Methods Primary culture ECs were isolated from bypass graft material (HSVECs, human saphenous vein endothelial cells) of patients. HSVECs were chronically stimulated with low and high in vivo glycated BSA, GO and MGO and analyzed...

Characterization of Advanced Glycation end Products by fluorescence and MALDI-TOF/MS in patients with heart failure

Beatriz Paradela-Dobarro, Susana Belén Bravo, Diana Bou-Teen, Jana Alonso, Bruno Kotska Rodiño-Janeiro, Sergio Raposeiras-Roubín, Alfonso Varela-Román, José Ramón González-Juanatey & Ezequiel Alvarez
Advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) have and important role in the pathophysiology of heart failure (HF) [1]. Some of these products present auto-fluorescent, feature typically used to measure them [2]. Recently, it has been described the characterization of AGEs using mass spectrometry (MS) [3]. Our aim was to evaluate the usefulness of these techniques to measure AGEs in patients with HF. One hundred consecutive patients with HF attending our medical centre were included in the study...

Ameliorating effects of HX106N, a Botanical Formulation, on Memory Impairment: Study of Underlying Mechanisms and Data from Randomized Double-blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Study.

Doo Suk Lee, Hyun-Keun Kim & Sunyoung Kim
HX106N is a water-soluble extract prepared from a specially formulated mixture of four plant species traditionally used for the treatment of various neurological diseases. Effects of HX106N were tested in three different systems. First, it was tested on memory impairment and oxidative stress caused by the intracerebroventricular injection of Aβ25-35 peptide in mice. HX106N treatment reversed the Aβ25-35-mediated decrease in alternation percentage and latency time in the Y-maze and passive avoidance tests. Second, HX106N was...

The Protective Role of Antioxidants in the Defence against ROS- Mediated for Obesity

Yaisy Picrin D, Lydia Lera, María José Hormazabal, Elisa Cáceres & Francisco Hernández
Aim: To evaluate the role of antioxidants against ROS- Mediated for Obesity. Subjects and Methods: 198 subjects aged 20-78y, classified by nutritional status using Body Mass Index (BMI). Reduced Glutathione (GSH), Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Catalase (CAT) and peroxidase Glutathione (GPx), were measured, to estimate antioxidant activity (TAA). Oxidant Activity (TOA) was estimated by Reactive Oxygen Substance (ROS) Thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS), Carbonyl groups (CG), Total hydroperoxides (THP) and Conjugated dienes (CD). All received antioxidant supplement...

Antimicrobial activity of glucosamine-derived flavour compounds

Mirko Betti, Abhishek Bhattacherjee & Yuliya Hrynets
Glucosamine is an amino sugar capable of non-enzymatic browning reactions at temperatures normally considered mild as compared to the standard browning processes. Glucosamine caramel solutions can be produced under mild temperature conditions to generate flavour compounds like fructosazine (FR) and deoxyfructosazine (DOFR). This study produced FR and DOFR at mild temperatures from GlcN to evaluate their antimicrobial activities. Glucosamine browning was conducted at 50°C for 48 h, and FR and DOFR were quantified and purified...

Investigation of the Michael addition between quinones and amines as a possible mechanism for inhibition of Maillard reactions in foods with plant polyphenols: effects in lactose-free ultra-high-temperature processed milk

Therese Jansson, Yuting Li, Valentin Rauh, Sisse Jongberg, John Sørensen, Michael J. Davies, Mogens L. Andersen, Colin A. Ray & Marianne N. Lund
Maillard reactions are a major cause of flavor deterioration in many foods including lactose-free (LF) UHT processed milk during storage. Plant polyphenols inhibit the accumulation of Maillard reaction products by trapping reactive carbonyls. The objective of this study was to investigate if Michael addition reactions between amines and quinones, the oxidized form of polyphenols, also inhibit the formation of Maillard reaction products. Kinetic analysis showed that 4-methylbenzoquinone (model compound for quinones derived from green tea...

Nitric Oxide Metabolites and Dinitrosyl Iron Complexes in the Non-Enzymatic Glycation Reactions

Olga V. Kosmachevskaya, Elvira I. Nasybullina, Konstantin B. Shumaev & Alexey F. Topunov
Non-enzymatic glycation (NEG) has to be studying in connection with other reactions. We have shown that methylglyoxal-caused NEG is accompanied with appearance of radical intermediates: methylglyoxal (MG) anion-radical and Schiff base cation-radical. Methylglyoxal anion-radical is responsible for formation of other radical products: superoxide, peroxynitrite and nitrogen dioxide. Nitric oxide (NO) donors S-nitrosothiols inhibite forming of fluorescent glycation products when bio-molecules (hemoproteins, albumin, carnosine) incubating with MG [1]. Other NO metabolites/donors also demonstrated antiglycating properties. The...

Antioxidant Properties of Heterocyclic Maillard Reaction Intermediates

Clemens Kanzler & Lothar Wilfried Kroh
The antioxidant properties of different heterocyclic Maillard reaction products and structural related substances with and without reductone structure were compared in detail. The following five assays were used to measure the antioxidant capacity: TEAC (reduction of a radical cation), FCR (reduction of the Folin-Ciocalteu Reagent), EPR (time-dependent radical scavenging), CUPRAC (reduction of copper(II) ions) and phenanthrolin (reduction of iron(III) ions). The last two assays were especially important, because they allow the identification of compounds that...


The perception of facial expressions of emotions is not an encapsulated mechanism only involving the processing of visual cues. It also integrates information from the context, including the olfactory context. We will present recent data in both adults and infants that show how the olfactory context is integrated during visual perception of emotions in faces. More specifically, both the perception threshold to perceive an expression and the ERPs in response to facial expressions were modulated...


Description: The application allows the user to see objects through a stereoscopic head mounted display, to interact with virtual objects through hand gestures detected by a LeapMotion sensor and to smell odors associated with the objects when grabbed delivered by an Olfactiory Display integrated with the display.


Weibin DING
Description: The application allows the user to read a chapter of a book telling stories about odors, and smell some of the odors mentioned in the story.

Response of mouse muscone receptor MOR215-1 to binary odor

Ismahene Ben Khemis & Abdelmottaleb Ben Lamine
In this paper, an adsorption modeling has been presented to describe the interactions of a binary mixture of ℓ-muscone and d-muscone with the mouse muscone receptor MOR215-1. The formulation of the 2-dimensional monolayer models with identical and two types of sites for the perceived response of odor binary mixture are based on statistical physics and theoretical considerations, intended to the whole stimulus-response curve of pure binary odor compounds. Thanks to grand canonical ensemble physico-chemical parameters...

Nutritional Quality of Purslane and its Crackers

Eman Mohamrd Salem
Purslane has been described as a power food of future because of its high nutritive and its anti-oxidant properties. Purslane, also, has a high content of phenols (179.89 mg/100gm). The radical scavenging activity (RSA) of purslane is high (89.23%). Linolenic acid (omega 3 fatty acid) was the most fatty acid abundant in purslane (44.29%). Therefore, in the current study, crackers were fortified with purslane by three levels of previously prepared puslane powder (5, 10 and...

Pomegranate Antioxidants and Brain Health

Ghazi Ahmad Daradkeh & Ghazi Ahmad Daradkeh
Pomegranate Antioxidants and Brain Health Ghazi Daradkeh, Essa MM, Subash S, AL Adawi S, Akbar M, Wali MI Background: pomegranate has characteristically high content of antioxidant substances. free radicals such as ROS,NOS,O2,H2O2, OH. and nitric oxide can be scavenged effectivelly by pomegranate juice. A synergic positive relationship was found between phenolic contents and total antioxidant capacity, indicating that phenolic is dominant antioxidant components of pomegranate. 0bjectives: to evaluate the effect of pomegranate juice supplementation on...

Bioaccessibil Polyphenols Recovery and Antioxidant Activity of Stirred Fortified Date Yoghurt during In Vitro Digestion

Ahmed Helal
The purpose of this study was to produce functional yoghurt and investigate the in vitro bioaccessibility of polyphenols and antioxidant activity after simulated gastro-intestinal digestion. Fortified stirred yoghurt was produced with the addition of different concentration of date palm products (powder pulp and filtered powder pulp), and stored up to 10 days at 4±1oC. Chemical characteristics, rheological properties and sensory quality of stirred yoghurt samples were determined. All results were compared to control plain stirred...

Archive of World Mitochondria Society Vol 3, No 1 (2017): Dedicated for 8th world congress on Targeting Mitochondria

This volume 3 (issue 1) will be dedicated to the Targeting Mitochondria 2017 World Congress which will be held at Berlin from October 23 - 24, 2017.


Ergul Belge Kurutas
Background: Elimination of oxidative stress and determination of trace element status may be an important strategy to improve healing of wounds. This the first study, we aimed to investigate the levels of oxidative stress biomarkers and trace elements during cutaneous wound healing. Materials and Methods: Thirty rats were used in this study. Our study consisted of six groups such as sham group, control group, cherry seed oil group, black cumin oil and taurus fir resin...

Isolation of Anti-Allergic Activities from an Edible Plant: Implications for Development of Safe and Effective Therapeutics, Nutraceuticals and Drugs, for Allergic Diseases.

Doo Suk Lee, Min-Jung Bae, Hyun-Keun Kim & Sunyoung Kim
Allergic diseases are highly prevalent and their incidences are increasing, especially in developed countries. However, many patients have concerns about medicine-related side-effects and/or financial strains. There has been a strong need for the development of safe, cost-effective and efficacious agents for allergic diseases as currently available agents don’t provide a fundamental treatment method. Due to its complex nature involving multiple factors, these diseases cannot be effectively treated by targeting a single molecule in the body....

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