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AcoustRivNN : flow and the granulometry of the sediment transport in a river from acoustic pressure

Ghislain Gassier, Tal Michal & Philippe Dussouillez
AcoustRivNN proposes to develop a system to estimate the flow and the granulometry of the sediment transport in a river from the acoustic pressure generated by the latter using methods from artificial intelligence. The estimation of the sediment flow carried by water, in rivers or estuaries, is a crucial issue for the management of the latter, allowing to carry out scientific studies, restoration or prevention projects, as well as operational works. Given the lack of...

RochElec : Geoelectrical investigations on the Rochechouart impact structure (France)

Yoann Quesnel, Pascal Sailhac, Johana Lofi, Philippe Lambert, Pierre Rochette, Minoru Uehara & Christian Camerlynck
The Rochelec dataset gathers petrophysical and geoelectrical data from the Rochechouart impact structure (France). Since 2017, about 10 geophysical field campaigns were performed on this eroded structure. Among other techniques, geophysical downhole logging, electrical resistivity tomography and controlled-source audiomagnetotelluric data were acquired. In parallel, we measured the electrical resistivity and porosity of some core samples coming from drillings performed in fall 2017 at several sites of the impact structure. These multiscale electric data allows to...

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  • 2022
  • 2021

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