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SSHADE/phasma: Earth and Planetary Materials Laboratory Spectral Database

Elias Chatzitheodoridis & Eleftherios Profitis
The 'phasma' database contains Raman and FTIR spectra from minerals of terrestrial and extraterestrial materials. It also contains spectra acquired from rock powder-organic mixtures of astrobiological interest (biosignatures)

SSHADE/UH-ApS: University of Helsinki Astrophysical Scattering and Spectroscopy Database

Antti Penttilä & Karri Muinonen
The University of Helsinki Astrophysical Scattering and Spectroscopy Database (UH-ApS) holds spectra and bi-directional reflectance distribution data in ultraviolet, visual and near-infrared wavelengths for solid materials with relevance to planetary sciences. These include meteorites, minerals, amorphous solids, and materials relevant to space debris or Earth observations.

SSHADE/CHIPS: Canadian Hyperspectral Integrated Planetary Spectroscopy

Edward Cloutis, Sandra Potin & Sébastien Manigand
The CHIPS database contains spectroscopic experiments of several types, such as reflectance, Raman and transmission, with spectral ranges covering from the UV to the near-infrared. The studied samples are either natural geological samples, field sites, meteorites or synthetic components.

SSHADE/PIG: Pigmentothèque

Emilie Chalmin & Hélène Salomon
The 'Pigmentotheque' is a database of natural ferruginous minerals, which could be used as coloring matter in rock art. Geological prospections combined with physicochemical characterization are firstly conducted in the Ardèche and Gard departments. This database @ SSHADE store the visible and near-infrared spectra of the materials.

SSHADE/PLUS: \"Planetary Laboratory of University of Salento\" database

Francesca Mancarella & Marcella D'Elia
The PLUS database contains spectroscopic data of various types of study of minerals of planetological and astrobiological interest. The Laboratory house a collection of minerals and rocks that includes not only different species but also different classes and varieties and increase the collection continuously. The powdered samples are measured with various spectroscopic techniques from the UltraViolet to the Far-IR ranges (transmission, directional-hemispherical reflectance, specular reflection, etc.). It provides different levels of data from simple transmission...

SSHADE/ROMA: ROck reflectance for MArtian in situ exploration database

Lucia Mandon, Pierre Beck, Cathy Quantin-Nataf, Erwin Dehouck, Patrick Thollot, Damien Loizeau & Matthieu Volat
The ROMA database provides the reflectance spectra between 0.4 µm and 3-4 µm of various terrestrial, Martian and synthethic samples, with a focus on intact rocks and Martian analogs. It includes higher-level data such as absorption bands parameters, as well as sample mineralogy estimated by whole-rock X-ray diffraction analyses.

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