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Convection-permitting downscaling of climate change 1950-2100

Lauer Abraham & Ben Kravitz
We provide a dynamically downscaled and bias corrected dataset at 3 km horizontal resolution over the U.S. Midwest, covering the period 1951-2100 under historical and RCP8.5 conditions. Data is produced using a regional model (WRF 3.9), driven by NCEP/NCAR reanalysis 1 and CESM1 simulations designed for downscaling with WRF. Data provided includes temperature (T2) and precipitation (PRECIP). This is associated with Lauer et al. (2022).

Atlas of Early and Middle Paleozoic paleogeography of the southern Great Lakes area

John B. Droste & Robert H. Shaver

Conodonts from subsurface Champlainian (Ordovician) rocks of eastern Indiana

Raymond L. Ethington, John B. Droste & Carl B. Rexroad

Indiana limestones and dolomites for flue gas desulfurization

Shaffer, Nelson R. & Sadowski, Robert

Geophysical properties of the basement rocks of Indiana

Albert J. Rudman & John A. Rupp

Physiographic divisions of Indiana

Henry H. Gray

Indiana coals and the steel industry

Maria Mastalerz & Hararshan Valia

Origin of Mid-Channel Islands in the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana

Gordon S. Fraser

Condonts from the Louisville Limestone and the Wabash Formation (Silurian) in Clark County, Indiana and Jefferson County, Kentucky

Carl B. Rexroad, Anne V. Noland & Charles A. Pollock

The Salina Group (Middle and Upper Silurian) of Indiana

John B. Droste & Richard H. Shaver

2011 Calendar; Geodes

John M. Day, Licia A. Weber, Barbara T. Hill & Nelson R. Shaffer

Map showing location of industrial sand, marl, peat, mineral wool, cement, and lime operations in Indiana

Gottfried Guennel, Haydn H. Murray, John B. Patton, Ned M. Smith & William J. Wayne

2014 Calendar; New Harmony Indiana Celebrating 200 Years

Licia A. Weber

Gold and Diamonds in Indiana: An Update (1988)

Willis S. Blatchley & John R. Hill

Mine Subsidence in Indiana

Denver Harper

Environmental Geology of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana - An Aid to Planning

Edwin J. Hartke, John R. Hill & Mark Reshkin

Distribution, Structure, and Mined Areas of Coals in Pike County, Indiana

James T. Stanley & Charles E. Weir

Distribution, structure, and mined areas of coals in Dubois County, Indiana

Harold C. Hutchinson

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