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MCB100147, Genome Informatics for Animals and Plants

Don Gilbert

MCB100147, Genome Informatics for Animals and Plants

Don Gilbert

Assessing the financial value to Indiana University of IU's investments in advanced cyberinfrastructure

Craig A. Stewart, Julie Wernert, Claudia Costa, David Y. Hancock, Therese Miller, Scott Michael, Tony Walker, Robert Henschel, Eric Wernert & Matthew R. Link

A First Search for Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering with Liquid Argon

Matthew R. Heath
First proposed by Freedman in 1974, coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering (CEvNS) is the dominant low energy neutrino coupling and provides a window to many interesting areas of physics research: nuclear structure, physics beyond the Standard Model, and supernovae evolution and detection. The COHERENT collaboration recently observed CEvNS with a low background 14.6 kg CsI[Na] crystal at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at Oak Ridge National Lab. A primary goal of COHERENT is to measure the...

Going Remote: Actionable Insights from Indiana University’s Transition to Remote Instruction due to COVID-19

Benjamin Motz , Harmony Jankowski, Winona Snapp-Childs & Joshua Quick

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