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Solvation Manuscript Dataset: Fig 3F.txt

Solvation Manuscript Dataset: Fig S1 Tz-C2h-ns.txt

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Experimental Archive

Judith A. Gierut

DATA EXTRACT: Student eLearning Metrics Joined with COVID-19 Survey Responses

Benjamin Motz & Joshua Quick

Reproducible Neuroimaging Via Open Cloud Services: Data Upcycling To Advance Discovery In Network Neuroscience

Soichi Hayashi Franco Pestilli
The data derivatives were generated using modern diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging data (dMRI) and standard methods for data processing, tractography and structural connectome construction. The O3D repository is published with a set of static data files, that can be conveniently downloaded from the web browser or unix terminal. The static files are also associated with a set of open services that exploit cloud computing technology to allow reproducing the data processing workflow used to generate...

Genes of Aedes aegypti, mosquito reconstructed with EvidentialGene

Don Gilbert

Assessing the financial value to Indiana University of IU's investments in advanced cyberinfrastructure

Claudia Costa, Julie Wernert & Craig A. Stewart

Automated, Multistep Continuous-Flow Synthesis of 2,6-Dideoxy and 3-Amino-2,3,6-trideoxy Monosaccharide Building Blocks

Yalamanchili Subbarao, Tu-Anh Nguyen, Alexander Zsikla, Gavin Stamper, Ashley E. DeYong, John Florek, Olivea Vasquez, Nicola L. B. Pohl & Clay S. Bennett

Convection-permitting downscaling of climate change 1950-2100

Lauer Abraham & Ben Kravitz
We provide a dynamically downscaled and bias corrected dataset at 3 km horizontal resolution over the U.S. Midwest, covering the period 1951-2100 under historical and RCP8.5 conditions. Data is produced using a regional model (WRF 3.9), driven by NCEP/NCAR reanalysis 1 and CESM1 simulations designed for downscaling with WRF. Data provided includes temperature (T2) and precipitation (PRECIP). This is associated with Lauer et al. (2022).

Demo Data for Multidimensional Encoding of Brain Connectomes

Franco Pestilli & Cesar F Caiafa

Solvation Manuscript Dataset: Fig 3E.txt

Solvation Manuscript Dataset: Fig 4A.txt

Solvation Manuscript Dataset: Fig 5.txt

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