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Environmental Geology of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana - An Aid to Planning

Edwin J. Hartke, John R. Hill & Mark Reshkin

Origin of Mid-Channel Islands in the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana

Gordon S. Fraser

Condonts from the Louisville Limestone and the Wabash Formation (Silurian) in Clark County, Indiana and Jefferson County, Kentucky

Carl B. Rexroad, Anne V. Noland & Charles A. Pollock

Mine Subsidence in Indiana

Denver Harper

Physiographic divisions of Indiana

Henry H. Gray

Indiana coals and the steel industry

Maria Mastalerz & Hararshan Valia

Geophysical properties of the basement rocks of Indiana

Albert J. Rudman & John A. Rupp

Atlas of Early and Middle Paleozoic paleogeography of the southern Great Lakes area

John B. Droste & Robert H. Shaver

Conodonts from subsurface Champlainian (Ordovician) rocks of eastern Indiana

Raymond L. Ethington, John B. Droste & Carl B. Rexroad

The Salina Group (Middle and Upper Silurian) of Indiana

John B. Droste & Richard H. Shaver

Indiana limestones and dolomites for flue gas desulfurization

Shaffer, Nelson R. & Sadowski, Robert

Geology of the Upper East Fork Drainage Basin, Indiana

Henry H. Gray & Allan F. Schneider

Oil-shale prospects for the New Albany Shale in Indiana

Nancy R. Hasenmueller & R. K. Leininger

The East Continent Rift Basin: a new discovery

James A. Drahovzal, David C. Harris, Lawrence H. Wickstrom, Dan Walker, Mark T. Baranoski, Brian Keith & Lloyd C. Furer

Sedimentology and history of Late Wisconsin alluviation of the Wabash Valley

Gordon S. Fraser

Coal resources of Gibson County, Indiana

Donald L. Eggert

Underground storage of natural gas in Indiana

Stanley J. Keller

The Development of Surface Coal Mining in Indiana

Denver Harper

Aggregate Resources of the Big Blue River Valley in East-Central Indiana

Curtis H. Ault & Michael C. Moore

Coal mining in Vigo County, Indiana

Denver Harper

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