112 Works

From people to reefs: marine debris and plastic pollution in North Queensland

Anne Marie Bauer-Civiello

Nutrient recovery from source separated urine: modelling and experimental study

Leynard Natividad Marin

Microbial indicators for environmental stress and ecosystem health assessments

Bettina Glasl

Epidemiology and clinical presentations of seafood allergy in the Asia Pacific

Le Thi Kieu Thu

A grammar of Munya

Junwei Bai

Governing landscape transitions in Cambodia

Rebecca Anne Riggs

The giant Antamina deposit, Peru: intrusive sequence, skarn formation, and mineralisation

Stephanie A. Mrozek

Exploring the role of microbes in coral-algal interactions on the inshore Great Barrier Reef

Grace Al Moajil-Cole

Wallace v2.0 Animalia: Habitat suitability distribution modelling for Animalia worldwide

Erin Graham, Jeremy VanDerWal & Ian Atkinson
Climate change scenarios were sourced from the UK Met Office Hadley Centre for CMIP5 global climate models and scaled to 20km resolution. Species occurrence records were downloaded from GBIF. Maxent was used to model the habitat suitability distributions. https://wallaceinitiative.org/

Wallace v2.0: Helix climate based habitat suitabililty models for selected plants and animals

Erin Graham, Jeremy VanDerWal & Ian Atkinson
Wallace 2.0 uses new temperature time-series data for four RCPs provided by the UK Met Office Hadley Centre UK to model the distributions of plants and animals worldwide. Here we compared our projections to a small subset of plants and animals modelled with the High End Climate Impacts and Extremes (HELIX) projections to provide scientific rigour.

Using mosquito excreta to enhance mosquito-borne disease surveillance

Ana L. Ramírez

Use of waste glass as aggregate and cement replacement in concrete

Nafisa Tamanna

Epigenetic effects of temperature on sex change in barramundi, Lates calcarifer

Alyssa Budd

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  • 2021
  • 2020

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  • James Cook University
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  • Australian Institute of Marine Science