87 Works

A data-driven approach towards a realistic and generic crowd simulation framework

Jacob Antony Sinclair

I’ll cry instead: the neural correlates of empathy

Sarah Krivan

Epigenetic effects of temperature on sex change in barramundi, Lates calcarifer

Alyssa Budd

Assessing the impact of coral reef community management in the Kingdom of Tonga

Patrick Smallhorn-West

Use of waste glass as aggregate and cement replacement in concrete

Nafisa Tamanna

Adaptive capacity of islands of the maldives to climate change

Ibrahim Mohamed

Manipulation of coral photosymbionts for enhancing resilience to environmental change

Leela J. Chakravarti

Thermal performance of scleractinian corals

Saskia Jurriaans

Additional material associated with the Matters Arising article published in Nature by Munday and colleagues

Philip Munday, Danielle Dixson, Megan Welch, Douglas Chivers, Paolo Domenici, Martin Grosell, Rachel Heuer, Geoffrey Jones, Mark McCormick, Mark Meekan, Göran Nilsson, Timothy Ravasi & Sue-Ann Watson

Context dependence in the habitat relationships of coastal and marine fishes

Michael Bradley

The effect of increasing temperature on algae-fish interactions on coral reefs

Alexia Graba-Landry

The biology and ecology of carcharhiniform sharks in the Gulf of Papua prawn trawl fishery

Leontine Immoine Baje

Luksave Em Bikpela Samting! Witnessing Violence In Papua New Guinea

Nalisa Fay Mavoho Neuendorf

Schistosoma mansoni extracellular vesicles: immunobiology and vaccine efficacy

Desalegn Woldeyohannes Kifle

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