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Data archive: Larval habitats of the Anopheles farauti and Anopheles lungae complexes in the Solomon Islands

T. Russell, T. Burkot, H. Bugoro, A. Apairamo, N. Beebe, W. Chow, R. Cooper, F. Collins & N. Lobo

Marine conservation planning in the Gulf of California, Mexico

J. Alvarez Romero

Socioeconomic data on community-based management from Indonesia

G. Gurney

Rabbitfish fishery and spawning aggregation surveys in the Seychelles

J. Robinson & N. Graham

Spatial nestedness of conservation priorities

J. Cheok

Science fiction and fantasy experience survey

C.B. Menadue

Supplementary rotation file and feature collections to Holm et al., 2016

R. Holm

Integrated land-sea conservation planning case studies

J. Alvarez Romero

Integrated land-sea planning in the Gulf of California, Mexico

J. Alvarez Romero

Dataset describing the biting profile, seasonality and feeding cycle of Anopheles farauti in Haleta village, Solomon Islands

T. Russell, N. Beebe, H. Bugoro, A. Apairamo, W. Chow, R. Cooper, F. Collins, N. Lobo & T. Burkot

An investigation of the Coral Sea with an ocean general circulation model

Rowan David Hughes

Multi-species grouper spawning aggregation fishery study in Papua New Guinea

J. Robinson, N. Graham, J. Cinner, G. Almany & P. Waldie

Behavioral and physiological measures taken for the manuscript \"Top-predators negate the effect of mesopredators on prey physiology\"

M. Palacios Otero, S. Killen, L. Nadler, J. White & M. McCormick

Microbiome of the soft coral Lobophytum pauciflorum

W. Wessels

Shoaling reduces metabolic rate in a gregarious coral reef fish species

L. Nadler, S. Killen, E. McClure, P. Munday & M. McCormick

Expert interview data for a risk assessment of spawning aggregation fisheries

J. Robinson, N. Graham & J. Cinner

Proximal Reading: a network-scaled approach to digital literature analysis

Christopher B. Menadue

Modern Arnis and adult pedagogy: a unique project

F. Guirguis & H. Whitehouse

Data set for quality of life and physical activity of adults within a regional workplace

A. Leicht, D. Lindsay, S. Devine & R. Sealey

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