54 Works

Data set for quality of life and physical activity of adults within a regional workplace

A. Leicht, D. Lindsay, S. Devine & R. Sealey

Dataset examining host feeding parameters of Anopheles farauti in Haleta village, Solomon Islands

T. Russell & T. Burkot

Nutrient contents and associated parameters for cocoa tree leaves, ripe cocoa pods and soil from 63 cocoa farms in Papua New Guinea in 2007

P. Nelson, M. Webb, S. Berthelsen, G. Curry, D. Yinii & C. Fidelis

Tree-scale lateral variation in root mass, throughfall and soil respiration in mature oil palm plantations in Papua New Guinea

P. Nelson, M. Webb, M. Banabas, S. Nake & I. Goodrick

Increased pollinator habitat enhances predator conservation

S. Forbes

The effects of temperature on larval anemonefish metabolic and digestion rates

I. McLeod & T. Clark

Operating system (OS) noise profiles for Apple iPad Air devices

A. Rehn

Integrating connectivity and climate change into marine conservation planning

R. Magris

Increased pollinator habitat enhances cacao fruit set and predator conservation

S. Forbes

Oecophylla smaragdina ants provide pest control in Australian cacao

S. Forbes

Registration Year

  • 2016

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