244 Works

Parasite detection in the ornamental fish trade using environmental DNA

A. Trujillo Gonzalez

Aerobic performance of two tropical cephalopod species unaltered by prolonged exposure to projected future carbon dioxide levels

B. Spady, T. Nay, J. Rummer, P. Munday & S.-A. Watson

Visual analytics of dynamic higher order information

Ye Wang

Seasonal variations in fitness of male and female soccer players in the tropics

Sarah Hervert

Regulation of transforming growth factor beta (TGFβ) at the level of nuclear entry

Mark Christopher Wilkes

Recreational fishers' perceptions of poaching in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

J. Cinner & B. Bergseth

Transcriptional analysis of natural killer T cell development

Xuyen Thi Dinh

Can environmental DNA be used to reliably detect parasites in the aquarium fish trade?

A. Trujillo Gonzalez

StreetFighter controlled trials - Pedestrian

K. Mohring

Boat noise does not alter metabolic performance of a newly settled coral reef fish

S. Jain-Schlaepfer, M. McCormick & J. Rummer

The epidemiology of tuberculosis in the Balimo region of Western Province, Papua New Guinea

Tanya Rosanne Diefenbach-Elstob

Education to increase climate change adaptation for a Vietnamese community's coastal members

Thi Huong Tra Nguyen

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