244 Works

Neural and ecological basis of pair bonding in butterflyfishes (F: Chaetodontidae)

Jessica Ploetz Nowicki

Viruses: contributors to and mitigators of black band disease in corals

Patrick Buerger

The optimization of the Barrier Screen

E. Pollard

Raw data for olfactory response of Acanthochromis polyacanthus in a Y-maze flume

M. Welch & P. Munday

Assessing the vulnerability of Thailand's forest birds to global change

Nantida Sutummawong

A case study of academics' epistemic-pedagogic identity in the context of neoliberalism

Melanie B. Miller

Biodiversity, biogeography and phylogeny of Australian freshwater triclads

Lauryne Joan Grant

Flood risks on assets and livelihoods in tropical catchments within oil palm landscapes

Terence Simbiwen

Coral reef mesopredator trophodynamics in response to reef condition

Tessa N. Hempson

The impacts of cattle grazing on arboreal reptiles

Eric J. Nordberg

Characterisation of carbonic anhydrase in the symbiotic dinoflagellate Symbiodinium

Teressa Bobeszko

The engagement of women and technology in agriculture

Rachel Hay

Controlling mesopredators: importance of behavioural interactions in trophic cascades

Maria Del Mar Palacios Otero

From spatio-temporal trajectories to succinct and semantically meaningful patterns

Luke Leslie Bermingham

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