244 Works

High resolution environmental layers for species distribution modeling

A. Pintor, J. VanDerWal & E. Graham

A grammar of Murui (Bue): a Witotoan language of Northwest Amazonia

Katarzyna Izabela Wojtylak

Data from 'Global drivers of reef fish growth'

R.A. Morais

Migrancy: a journey of yearning and a quest for home in the context of contemporary art

Heather Anne Tanner

Translation of a lifestyle physical activity intervention into a regional rehabilitation service

Rosemarie Therese Newitt

Trauma and conflict in prehistoric Southeast Asia: a life of war or peace

Lucille T. Pedersen

Innovative learning spaces in higher education: perception, pedagogic practice and place

Renae Elizabeth Acton

Evaluation of expression systems of recombinant human interferon gamma

Ali Razaghi

Habitat preferences and associations of juvenile algal-associated fishes on coral reefs

Oda Ravnaas Waldeland

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