160 Works

Key factors influencing the occurrence and frequency of ciguatera

Leanne Sparrow

Biological endophenotypes of prodromal psychosis and depression

Maximus Berger

Occupation of damselfishes across reef seascape and colony scale, GBR 2016 data

T. Chase & M. Hoogenboom

Cane toad nightly chorus data Hervey Range 2012-2014

K. Yasumiba & S. Brodie

StreetFighter controlled trials - Vehicles

K. Mohring

Periodic pattern mining from spatio-temporal trajectory data

Dongzhi Zhang

Structural habitat composition of Ross Creek (Townsville, QLD)

C. Trave

Protecting the peri-domestic environment

E. Pollard

Student research placements in field education: a systematic literature review

I. Zuchowski

Targeting schistosome cholinesterases for vaccine and drug development

Bemnet A. Tedla

Medical interns' learning in the 21st century

Allyson June Agnew

Competition and coexistence of reef-corals

Mariana Álvarez Noriega

Evaluation of bacteriophage in a rat model of PJI

J. Morris

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