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Accelerometer running data

S. Winter

Neoliberal performance and resistance in Australia's flexible learning sector

Joseph Thomas

Townsville's old gaol: a study of people and structures

Amanda Sharlene Maree Smith

Carbonate chemistry data for kingfish experiment - Watson et al. 2018

P. Munday

Modelling written language production in English: A Bayesian model of spelling

Helen. Mason

Connectivity and digital inclusion in Far North Queensland’s agricultural communities: policy-focused report

Amber Marshall, Allan Dale, Hurriyet Babacan & Michael Dezuanni

The effects of a changing marine environment on the bioeroding sponge Cliona orientalis

Blake Donald Ramsby

The political ecology of spatial development initiatives, Indonesia

James Douglas Langston

Molecular and structural insights into Chironex fleckeri venom

Athena Andreosso

Dataset describing detection or RRV and WNV in mosquito excreta

A. Ramirez Lopez

Streetfighter controlled trial - Follow-up test I

K. Mohring

Trophic interactions among key target reef fish in Kenya

M. Barnes, N. Graham & A. Hoey

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