159 Works

When the bough bends: lived experiences of perinatal anxiety

Zalia Rose Powell

Data from 'Pelagic subsidies underpin fish productivity on a degraded coral reef'

R.A. Morais

Popular culture as a powerful destination marketing tool: an Australian study

Valeriya Radomskaya

Dataset describing the detection of Plasmodium falciparum in mosquito excreta and saliva

A. Ramirez Lopez

Some aspects of one-relator groups

B.B. Newman

Studies in the ecology and biocontrol of Burkholderia pseudomallei

Noppadol Prasertsincharoen

Fossil charcoal particle training data for neural networks

E. Rehn & A. Rehn

A mindfulness/mindlessness model of the museum visitor experience

Gianna Moscardo

Resilience: a lived experience

Keith Andrew Noble

Regulation of immunity and inflammation during parasitic helminth infection by inflammasomes

Rafid Abdulwahid Alhallaf

Data from: A 3D perspective on sediment accumulation in algal turfs: implications of coral reef flattening

S. Tebbett, R. Streit & D. Bellwood

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and consumer law

Heron Loban

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