159 Works

Investigating the drivers of microbial community composition in reef-building corals

Hannah Elizabeth Epstein

Wayfaring: place and painting in the tropical far north

Jacqueline Scotcher

Moral reasoning, death and the clinic: the ethics of end-of-life decisions

Kristine Van Dinther

Development of carbon nanostructures from non-conventional resources

Surjith Alancherry

Dataset for: Defining the larval habitat: abiotic, biological and chemical parameters associated with Anopheles farauti productivity

Tanya. Russell, Kimberley. McLaughlin & Thomas. Burkot

Size and diet of newly settled crown-of-thorns starfish from Australia's Great Barrier Reef

J. Wilmes & D. Shultz

Building the evidence base for river drowning prevention

Amy Peden

Summary of studies investigating the effects of elevated CO2 on fish behaviour

M. Jarrold

Dataset: fish assemblages and environmental parameters in Bourake

A. Dubuc

Characterisation of oyster allergens for improved diagnosis of mollusc allergy

Roni Nugraha

Systematics and biogeography of the Styphelieae (Epacridoideae, Ericaceae)

Caroline Puente Lelièvre

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