177 Works

Data from: Subconscious biases in coral reef fish studies

D. Bellwood, C. Hemingson & S. Tebbett

State of the Tropics 2020 Data

A. Penny

Use of tropical microalgae species as food for pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera L.) larvae

Erika Martínez-Fernández

International Fishery Conflict Database

J. Spijkers

Virtual orchestration: a film composer's creative practice

Boris Furduj

A review of historical earthquakes in Queensland utilising the Trove Newspaper Archive as a primary source

D. Rubenach, J. Daniell, P. Dirks & J. Wegner

HIV and young people: perceptions of risk, resilience and dignity in an urban slum

Gary Page Jones

Tidal-diel patterns of movement, activity and habitat use by juvenile mangrove whiprays using towed-float GPS telemetry

A. P. Martins, M. Heupel, S. Bierwagen, A. Chin & C. Simpfendorfer

Genomics in nursing practice in Australia: a critical realist case study

Helen Worsley Wright

Nothofagus forest locations

W. Laurance

Efficacy of chemical treatments for Acropora-eating flatworm infestations

J. Barton

Studies on the taxonomy of Strongyloides (Nematoda; Strongyloididae)

Richard Speare

Data from: Severe coral loss shifts energetic dynamics on a coral reef

R.A. Morais & D.R. Bellwood

The ecology of Australatya striolata (McCulloch and McNeill) (Decapoda: Atyidae)

Ross Edward William Smith

Tobacco smoking among health care workers

Derek Richard Smith

Science fictions, cultural facts: a digital humanities approach to a popular literature

Christopher Benjamin James Menadue

Family and population genotypic data from the commercial Infinium ShrimpLD-24 BeadChip

D. Jones & D. Jerry

RCP8.5 future climate layers for Australia - 5km resolution

RCP4.5 future climate layers for Australia - 5km resolution

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