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Australia decadal climate change predictions (~5km resolution)

Jeremy Vanderwal

Writing in role: a creative new process to engage and motivate students in literacy

Sylvia (Sam) Barta

Fluctuation statistics and non-renewal behavior in nanoscale quantum transport

Samuel Rudge

Marine plant dispersal and connectivity measures differ in sensitivity to biophysical model parameters

Jodie Schlaefer, Alana Grech, Severine Choukroun, Alex B Carter, Robert Coles, Michael Rasheed, Samantha Tol, Kay Critchell & Lambrechts Jonathan
Biophysical models simulate dispersal and connectivity in marine environments by combining numerical models that represent water circulation with biological parameters that define the attributes of species. The effects of parameters on model outputs, such as the number of particles released to simulate the trajectories of individual organisms, is potentially large but is rarely tested. In this study, we develop a framework to measure the optimal number of particles required to capture variability in dispersal and...

Looking back to look forward: a timeline of the Fitzroy River catchment. Report to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Jorge Álvarez-Romero, Milena Kim, Rachel Buissereth, Robert L. Pressey, David Panell, Michael M. Douglas & Alaya Spencer-Cotton

Wallace v2.0 Initiative: Wallace v1.0 Initiative Original habitat suitability modelling for plants and animals

Erin Graham, Jeremy VanDerWal & Ian Atkinson
This dataset holds the original Wallace Initatiative 1.0 modelling for plants and animals worldwide. https://wallaceinitiative.org/

Tropical Biological Video Library: HD and 5K

Jamie Seymour & Richard Fitzpatrick
High definition and 5K video of natural history of fauna and flora from Indo pacific region for both terrestrial and aquatic environments. The digital library contains behavioural images of a wealth of flora and fauna.

Wallace v2.0: Public biodiversity maps summarized for all taxa levels and climate

Erin Graham, Jeremy VanDerWal & Ian Atkinson
Wallace 2.0 uses new temperature time-series data for four RCPs provided by the UK Met Office Hadley Centre UK to model the distributions of plants and animals worldwide. Biodiversity summaries were produced at each taxa level (KPCOFGS) of plants and animals in Wallace 2.0. These include areas of concern, refugia, and richness maps.

Wallace v2.0: Accessory data and files for producing species distributions

Erin Graham, Jeremy VanDerWal & Ian Atkinson
This dataset holds miscellaneous files for producing the Wallace 2.0 modelling for plants and animals worldwide. This includes shapefiles, scripts, tarred backups, and summary files for producing the Science manuscript. https://wallaceinitiative.org/

Ecological energetics of climate change for tropical sharks

Ian Alexander Bouyoucos

Fire and environmental change in northern Australian savannas during the Holocene

Emma Caitlin Rehn

Frontier conflict in the Bowen district, 1861-1874

N. A. Loos

Mediation and inhibition deficits in retardate discrimination learning

Graham G. Clunies-Ross

Transcriptomic analyses of the responses of corals to environmental stress

Catalina Aguilar Hurtado

Impact of roads on farm size, market participation, and forest cover change in rural Ghana

Emmanuel Opoku Acheampong

Predictive spatio-temporal modelling with neural networks

Hong-Bin Liu

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