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Data from: Subconscious biases in coral reef fish studies

D. Bellwood, C. Hemingson & S. Tebbett

State of the Tropics 2020 Data

A. Penny

Sensory cues of a top-predator indirectly control a reef fish mesopredator

Mark. McCormick, Donald. Warren & Maria. Palacios Otero

Data archive: Larval habitats of the Anopheles farauti and Anopheles lungae complexes in the Solomon Islands

T. Russell, T. Burkot, H. Bugoro, A. Apairamo, N. Beebe, W. Chow, R. Cooper, F. Collins & N. Lobo

Walker Stalker v2 Rooftop Deployment Test ? trial Wireless Sensor Network

K. Mohring

Inshore GBR Reefs, derelict fishing line and benthic data, 2007-2009

D. Williamson & G. Russ

Dugong Aerial Survey Database

H. Marsh & S. Sobtzick

Acclimation of cold tolerance in Carlia longipes

A. Pintor, A. Krockenberger & L. Schwarzkopf

Marine conservation planning in the Gulf of California, Mexico

J. Alvarez Romero

Nothofagus forest locations

W. Laurance

Socioeconomic data on community-based management from Indonesia

G. Gurney

Rabbitfish fishery and spawning aggregation surveys in the Seychelles

J. Robinson & N. Graham

Spatial nestedness of conservation priorities

J. Cheok

Science fiction and fantasy experience survey

C.B. Menadue

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