324 Works

In solution digestion and mass spectrometry identification of major proteins in various crustacean species

A. Lopata, S. Kamath & R. Nugraha

Impact of motorboats on fish embryos depends on engine type

S. Jain-Schlaepfer, M. McCormick & J. Rummer

Global gravity of coral reefs spatial layer

J. Cinner & E. Maire

Connectivity of seagrass meadows in the central Great Barrier Reef

A. Grech

Streetlight traffic detection - preliminary test 3

K. Mohring

High resolution environmental layers for species distribution modeling

A. Pintor, J. VanDerWal & E. Graham

Data from 'Global drivers of reef fish growth'

R.A. Morais

In hot water: sustained ocean warming reduces survival of a low-latitude coral reef fish

G. Rodgers, J. Donelson, M. McCormick & P. Munday

Dataset for: Defining the larval habitat: abiotic, biological and chemical parameters associated with Anopheles farauti productivity

Tanya. Russell, Kimberley. McLaughlin & Thomas. Burkot

Size and diet of newly settled crown-of-thorns starfish from Australia's Great Barrier Reef

J. Wilmes & D. Shultz

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