324 Works

Summary of studies investigating the effects of elevated CO2 on fish behaviour

M. Jarrold

Dataset: fish assemblages and environmental parameters in Bourake

A. Dubuc

Data for PhD thesis Chapter 4: Cleaner shrimp clean farmed fish

D. Vaughan

Mangrove bird isotope data 2015

C. Buelow

Subacromial impingement dataset

H. Land

Elevated CO2 affects anxiety but not a range of other behaviours in juvenile yellowtail kingfish

M. Jarrold & P. Munday

Data from: Body size determines eyespot size and presence in coral reef fishes

C. Hemingson

Data from 'Trophic innovations fuel reef fish diversification'

A.C. Siqueira, R.A. Morais, D.R. Bellwood & P.F. Cowman

Drivers of reef shark neonate abundance in French Polynesia

Haematological associations in reef shark neonates

Analysis of Progress Towards a Comprehensive System of Marine Protected Areas in Brazil

R. Pressey & R. Magris

Aglaia elaeagnoidea DArTseq data

RCP3-PD future climate layers for Australian - 5km resolution

Data from ''Human exploitation shapes productivity-biomass relationships on coral reefs\"

R.D. Morais & D.R. Bellwood

RCP6 future climate layers for Australia - 5km resolution.

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