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Occupation of damselfishes across reef seascape and colony scale, GBR 2016 data

T. Chase & M. Hoogenboom

Cane toad nightly chorus data Hervey Range 2012-2014

K. Yasumiba & S. Brodie

StreetFighter controlled trials - Vehicles

K. Mohring

Structural habitat composition of Ross Creek (Townsville, QLD)

C. Trave

Protecting the peri-domestic environment

E. Pollard

Student research placements in field education: a systematic literature review

I. Zuchowski

Evaluation of bacteriophage in a rat model of PJI

J. Morris

Accelerometer running data

S. Winter

Carbonate chemistry data for kingfish experiment - Watson et al. 2018

P. Munday

Modelling written language production in English: A Bayesian model of spelling

Helen. Mason

Dataset describing detection or RRV and WNV in mosquito excreta

A. Ramirez Lopez

Streetfighter controlled trial - Follow-up test I

K. Mohring

Trophic interactions among key target reef fish in Kenya

M. Barnes, N. Graham & A. Hoey

Structural habitat composition of Althaus Creek (Townsville, QLD)

C. Trave

Structural habitat composition of Alligator Creek (Townsville, QLD)

C. Trave

Structural habitat composition of Ross River (Townsville, QLD)

C. Trave

A reef shark is not resilient to interacting global change stressors

I. Bouyoucos

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