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Dataset: Strain-stabilized superconductivity

Jacob Ruf, Hanhee Paik, Nathaniel J Schreiber, Hari Nair, Ludi Miao, Jason Kawasaki, Jocienne Nelson, Brendan Faeth, Y. Lee, Berit Goodge, Betul Pamuk, Craig J. fennie, Lena Kourkoutis, Darrell Schlom & Kyle Shen
Dataset to accompany Nature Communications article "Strain-stabilized superconductivity" (article DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-20252-7). Data include inputs and outputs for bulk and strained sample computations of band structure, DOS, EPW, nscf, phonon, energy relaxation, and Wannier.

Dataset: Coherent, atomically thin transition-metal dichalcogenide superlattices with engineered strain

Saien Xie, Lijie Tu, Yimo Han, Lujie Huang, Kibum Kang, Ka Un Lao, Preeti Poddar, Chibeom Park, David Muller & Jiwoong Park

Dataset: Charge order textures induced by non-linear couplings in a half-doped manganite

Ismail El Baggari, David Baek, Michael Zachman, Di Lu, Yasuyuki Hikita, Harold Hwang, Elizabeth Nowadnick & Lena Kourkoutis
Raw data associated with publication. The self-organization of strongly interacting electrons into superlattice structures underlies the properties of many quantum materials. How these electrons arrange within the superlattice dictates what symmetries are broken and what ground states are stabilized. Here we show that cryogenic scanning transmission electron microscopy (cryo-STEM) enables direct mapping of local symmetries and order at the intra-unit-cell level in the model charge-ordered system Nd1/2Sr1/2MnO3. In addition to imaging the prototypical site-centered charge...

Dataset: Doping evolution of the Mott-Hubbard landscape in infinite-layer nickelates

Berit Goodge, Danfeng Li, Motoki Osada, Bai Yang Wang, KyuHo LEE, George A Sawatzky, Hwang Harold & Lena Kourkoutis

Dataset: Direct Visualization of Trimerized States in 1T′−TaTe2

Ismail El Baggari, Nikhil Sivadas, Gregory Stiehl, Jacob Waelder, Daniel Ralph, Craig J. fennie & Lena Kourkoutis

Dataset: Growth of Ta2SnO6 Films, a Candidate Wide-Band-Gap p‐Type Oxide

Matthew Barone, Michael mfoody, Yaoqiao HU, Jiaxin Sun, Bailey Frye, S. Sameera Perera, Biwas Subedi, Hanjong Paik, Jonathan Hollin, Myoungho Jeong, Kiyoung Lee, Charles Winter, Nikolas Podraza, Kyeongjae Cho, Adam Hock & Darrell Schlom
Raw data cited by "Growth of Ta2SnO6 Films, a Candidate Wide-Band-Gap p-Type Oxide" https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.jpcc.1c10382

Dataset: Electronic structure of higher-order Ruddlesden-Popper nickelates

Myung-Chul Jung, Jesse Kapeghian, Chase Hanson, Betul Pamuk & Anita Botana

Dataset: Epitaxial stannate pyrochlore thin films: Limitations of cation stoichiometry and electron doping

Felix Hensling, Diana Dahliah, Prabin Dulal, Patrick Singleton, Jiaxin Sun, Jürgen Schubert, Hanjong Paik, Indra Subedi, Biwas Subedi, Gian-Marco Rignanese, Nikolas Podraza, Geoffroy Hautier & Darrell Schlom

Dataset: Utilizing complex oxide substrates to control 2 carrier concentration in large-area monolayer 3 MoS2 films

Xudong Zheng, Eli Gerber, Jisung Park, Don Werder, Orrin Kigner, Eun-Ah Kim, Saien Xie & Darrell Schlom

Datasets: Deep Neural Net Instance Segmentation of Optical Floating Zone Melts

Nicholas Carey, William Phelan, Ali Rachidi, Conor Krill, Pheobe Appel, Jessica Zahn, Matthew Hudes, Brian Schuster, Tyrel McQueen & David Elbert
Image and JSON labeled polygon training and test sets for deep-learning models. GoodMelts, fastBottom, and fastTop archives contain dataset for each of the named instance classes described in the associated paper (DOI pending). 10x_crossVal archive contains the training data split into the 10 k-fold, cross validation sets used in the study. TestSet are a reserved set of labeled images used for model evaluation, but not used in training. Item

Dataset: Optimization of PbTiO3 Single Crystals with Flux and Laser Floating Zone Method

Lucas Pressley, Mekhola Sinha, Hector Vivanco, Juan Chamorro, Sujit Das & Ramesh Ramamoorthy

Archived PDF of 2021 MGI Strategic Plan


Dataset: Direct determination of structural heterogeneity in metallic glasses using four-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy

Soohyun Im, Zhen Chen, Jared M. Johnson, Pengyang Zhao, Geun Hee Yoo, Eun Soo Park, Yunzhi Wang, David Muller & Jinwoo Hwang

Dataset: Adsorption-controlled growth of Ga2O3 by suboxide molecular-beam epitaxy

Patrick Vogt, Felix Hensling, Kathy Azizie, Celesta Chang, David Turner, Jisung Park & Jonathan McCandless

Dataset: Mixed-state electron ptychography enables sub-angstrom resolution imaging with picometer precision at low dose

Zhen Chen, Michal Odstrcil, Yi Jiang, Yimo Han, Ming-Hui Chiu, Lain-Jong Li & David Muller
Dataset includes raw data (matlab mat format, filename: rawdata_1x_crop.mat), expected reconstruction of raw data (png format, filename: pty_crop_phase.png), and analysis codes used. Utilizes the ptychography reconstruction toolkit, PtychoShelves developed at Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland [https://www.psi.ch/en/sls/csaxs].

Dataset: Canonical approach to cation flux calibration in oxide molecular-beam epitaxy

Jiaxin Sun, Christopher Parzyck, June Lee, Charles Brooks, Lena Kourkoutis, Xianglin Ke, Rajiv Misra, Jürgen Schubert, Felix Hensling, Zhe Wang, Zhe Wang , Megan Holtz, Nathaniel Schreiber, Qi Song, Hanjong Paik, Tassilo Heeg, David Muller, Kyle Shen & Darrell Schlom

An Accelerated, Data-Driven, Materials Discovery Future

David Elbert, Adri van Duin & Tyrel McQueen

Dataset: Oxide two-dimensional electron gas with high-mobility at room temperature

Kitae Eom, Hanjong Paik, Jinsol Seo, Neil Campbell, Evgeny Tsymbal, Sang Ho Oh, Mark Rzchowski, Darrell Schlom & Chang-Beom Eom

Dataset: Electron ptychography achieves atomic-resolution limits set by lattice vibrations

Zhen Chen, Yi Jiang, Yu-Tsun Shao1, Megan Holtz, Michal Odstrcil, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Isabelle Hanke, Steffen Ganschow, Darrell Schlom & David Muller
Raw input data (Matlab mat format). Transmission electron microscopes use electrons with wavelengths of a few picometers, potentially capable of imaging individual atoms in solids at a resolution ultimately set by the intrinsic size of an atom. However, owing to lens aberrations and multiple scattering of electrons in the sample, the image resolution is reduced by a factor of 3 to 10. By inversely solving the multiple scattering problem and overcoming the electron-probe aberrations using...

Dataset: Electron Ptychography of 2D Materials to Deep Sub-Ångström Resolution

Zhen Chen, Yi Jiang, Yimo Han, Pratiti Deb, Hui Gao, Saien Xie, Prafull Purohit, Mark Tate, Jiwoong Park, Sol Gruner, Veit Elser & David Muller
Raw input data (Matlab mat format, sample_data_mos2.dat)

Dataset: Ferroelectric Modulation of Surface Electronic States in BaTiO3 for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Activity

Pedram Abbasi, Matthew Barone, Ma. de la Paz Cruz-Jáuregui, Duilio Duilio Valdespino-Padilla, Hanjong , Taewoo Kim, Lior Kornblum, Darrell Schlom, Tod Pascal & David Fenning

Dataset: Momentum-resolved electronic structure and band offsets in an epitaxial NbN/GaN superconductor/semiconductor heterojunction

Tianlun Yu, John Wright, Guru Khalsa, Betul Pamuk, Celesta Chang, Yury Matveyev, Xiaoqiang WANG, Thorsten Schmitt, Donglai Feng, David Muller, Huili Xing, Debdeep Jena & Vladimir N. Strocov

Dataset: Disentangling types of lattice disorder impacting superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 by quantitative local probes

Berit Goodge, Hari Nair, David Baek, Nathaniel Schreiber, Ludi Miao, Jacob Ruf, Emily Waite, Philip Carubia, Kyle Shen, Darrell Schlom & Lena Kourkoutis

Dataset: ScSI: A new exfoliatable semiconductor

Austin Ferrenti, Maxime Siegler, Shiyuan Gao, Nicholas Ng & Tyrel McQueen

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