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Dataset: Strain-stabilized superconductivity

Jacob Ruf, Hanhee Paik, Nathaniel J Schreiber, Hari Nair, Ludi Miao, Jason Kawasaki, Jocienne Nelson, Brendan Faeth, Y. Lee, Berit Goodge, Betul Pamuk, Craig J. fennie, Lena Kourkoutis, Darrell Schlom & Kyle Shen
Dataset to accompany Nature Communications article "Strain-stabilized superconductivity" (article DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-20252-7). Data include inputs and outputs for bulk and strained sample computations of band structure, DOS, EPW, nscf, phonon, energy relaxation, and Wannier.

Datasets: Deep Neural Net Instance Segmentation of Optical Floating Zone Melts

Nicholas Carey, William Phelan, Ali Rachidi, Conor Krill, Pheobe Appel, Jessica Zahn, Matthew Hudes, Brian Schuster, Tyrel McQueen & David Elbert
Image and JSON labeled polygon training and test sets for deep-learning models. GoodMelts, fastBottom, and fastTop archives contain dataset for each of the named instance classes described in the associated paper (DOI pending). 10x_crossVal archive contains the training data split into the 10 k-fold, cross validation sets used in the study. TestSet are a reserved set of labeled images used for model evaluation, but not used in training. Item

Dataset: Doping evolution of the Mott-Hubbard landscape in infinite-layer nickelates

Berit Goodge, Danfeng Li, Motoki Osada, Bai Yang Wang, KyuHo LEE, George A Sawatzky, Hwang Harold & Lena Kourkoutis

Dataset: Direct determination of structural heterogeneity in metallic glasses using four-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy

Soohyun Im, Zhen Chen, Jared M. Johnson, Pengyang Zhao, Geun Hee Yoo, Eun Soo Park, Yunzhi Wang, David Muller & Jinwoo Hwang

Dataset: Mixed-state electron ptychography enables sub-angstrom resolution imaging with picometer precision at low dose

Zhen Chen, Michal Odstrcil, Yi Jiang, Yimo Han, Ming-Hui Chiu, Lain-Jong Li & David Muller
Dataset includes raw data (matlab mat format, filename: rawdata_1x_crop.mat), expected reconstruction of raw data (png format, filename: pty_crop_phase.png), and analysis codes used. Utilizes the ptychography reconstruction toolkit, PtychoShelves developed at Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland [https://www.psi.ch/en/sls/csaxs].

Dataset: Electron Ptychography of 2D Materials to Deep Sub-Ångström Resolution

Zhen Chen, Yi Jiang, Yimo Han, Pratiti Deb, Hui Gao, Saien Xie, Prafull Purohit, Mark Tate, Jiwoong Park, Sol Gruner, Veit Elser & David Muller
Raw input data (Matlab mat format, sample_data_mos2.dat)

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  • 2020

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  • Cornell University
  • The Ohio State University
  • Seoul National University