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Implementing Operational Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting Systems

Enrique Alvarez Fanjul, Stefania Angela Ciliberti, Pierre Bahurel, Lotfi Aouf, Laurent Bertino, Giovanni Coppini, Gabriel Diaz-Hernandez, Fraser Davidson, Elodie Gutknecht, Avichal Mehra, John Siddorn, Fujiang Yu, Denis Chang Seng & Romane Zufic
This guide provides an overview of the entire value chain of an operational ocean monitoring and forecasting system and presents international standards and best practices for setting up such a service. This publication aims to promote the development of new marine forecasting systems around the globe along with the improvement of the existing ones.

Global Ocean Colour Plankton and Reflectances Multi-Year L3 daily observations

Global Ocean - Delayed Mode Sea level product

Baltic Sea Multiyear Ocean Colour Plankton monthly observations

Baltic Sea - L3S Sea Surface Temperature Reprocessed

Baltic Sea - Diurnal Subskin Sea Surface Temperature Analysis

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  • 2022

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  • European Commission
  • Plymouth Marine Laboratory