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Linearized inversion frameworks toward high-resolution seismic imaging

Ali Aldawood
Seismic exploration utilizes controlled sources, which emit seismic waves that propagate through the earth subsurface and get reflected off subsurface interfaces and scatterers. The reflected and scattered waves are recorded by recording stations installed along the earth surface or down boreholes. Seismic imaging is a powerful tool to map these reflected and scattered energy back to their subsurface scattering or reflection points. Seismic imaging is conventionally based on the single-scattering assumption, where only energy that...

Molecular Simulation towards Efficient and Representative Subsurface Reservoirs Modeling

Ahmad Salim Kadoura
This dissertation focuses on the application of Monte Carlo (MC) molecular simulation and Molecular Dynamics (MD) in modeling thermodynamics and flow of subsurface reservoir fluids. At first, MC molecular simulation is proposed as a promising method to replace correlations and equations of state in subsurface flow simulators. In order to accelerate MC simulations, a set of early rejection schemes (conservative, hybrid, and non-conservative) in addition to extrapolation methods through reweighting and reconstruction of pre-generated MC...

Investigation of Titanium Sesquioxide Ti2O3: Synthesis and Physical Properties

Yangyang Li
Titanium is one of the earth-abundant elements, and its oxides including titanium dioxide (TiO2) and strontium titanium oxide (SrTiO3) are widely used in technologies of electronics, energy conversion, catalysis, sensing, and so on. Generally, the Ti ions in these compounds have a valence of 4+ with the outer shell electron configuration of 3d0. In this thesis, we explore interface and titanite containing Ti3+ ions with 3d1 itinerate electrons, which we believe open new doors towards...

Combustion Kinetic Studies of Gasolines and Surrogates

Tamour Javed
Future thrusts for gasoline engine development can be broadly summarized into two categories: (i) efficiency improvements in conventional spark ignition engines, and (ii) development of advance compression ignition (ACI) concepts. Efficiency improvements in conventional spark ignition engines requires downsizing (and turbocharging) which may be achieved by using high octane gasolines, whereas, low octane gasolines fuels are anticipated for ACI concepts. The current work provides the essential combustion kinetic data, targeting both thrusts, that is needed...

Novel Data Mining Methods for Virtual Screening of Biological Active Chemical Compounds

Othman Soufan
Drug discovery is a process that takes many years and hundreds of millions of dollars to reveal a confident conclusion about a specific treatment. Part of this sophisticated process is based on preliminary investigations to suggest a set of chemical compounds as candidate drugs for the treatment. Computational resources have been playing a significant role in this part through a step known as virtual screening. From a data mining perspective, availability of rich data resources...

Ecosystem Services of Avicennia marina in the Red Sea

Hanan Almahasheer
The Red Sea is an arid environment, without riverine inputs, oligotrophic waters and extreme temperature and salinity. Avicennia marina is the dominant vegetation in the shores of the Red Sea. However, little is known about their distribution, dynamics, and services. Therefore, the aim of this Ph.D. was to obtain the basic information needed to evaluate their role in the coastal ecosystems and quantify their services. With that objective we 1) estimated the past and present...

Computational Approaches Reveal New Insights into Regulation and Function of Non; coding RNAs and their Targets

Tanvir Alam
Regulation and function of protein-coding genes are increasingly well-understood, but no comparable evidence exists for non-coding RNA (ncRNA) genes, which appear to be more numerous than protein-coding genes. We developed a novel machine-learning model to distinguish promoters of long ncRNA (lncRNA) genes from those of protein-coding genes. This represents the first attempt to make this distinction based on properties of the associated gene promoters. From our analyses, several transcription factors (TFs), which are known to...

Energy Aware Routing Schemes in Solar PoweredWireless Sensor Networks

Ahmad H. Dehwah
Wireless sensor networks enable inexpensive distributed monitoring systems that are the backbone of smart cities. In this dissertation, we are interested in wireless sensor networks for traffic monitoring and an emergency flood detection to improve the safety of future cities. To achieve real-time traffic monitoring and emergency flood detection, the system has to be continually operational. Accordingly, an energy source is needed to ensure energy availability at all times. The sun provides for the most...

Isolation, Characterization and Identification of Microalgae from the Red Sea

Patricio Luque Alanís
Eukaryotic microalgae from the Red Sea were isolated, characterized and identified with the purpose of building a culture collection that will serve future research activities in the area of industrial microbiology. Seven sampling locations were surveyed using an in-house designed isolation protocol. Microalgae enrichment was carried out in vitro using the streak plate method and fluorescence activated cell sorting approaches. Colonial and cellular microscopy, growth media preference assays, as well as temperature, pH and salinity...

Free Surface Waves And Interacting Bouncing Droplets: A Parametric Resonance Case Study

Francisco J. Borja
Parametric resonance is a particular type of resonance in which a parameter in a system changes with time. A particularly interesting case is when the parameter changes in a periodic way, which can lead to very intricate behavior. This di↵ers from periodic forcing in that solutions are not necessarily periodic. A system in which parametric resonance is realized is when a fluid bath is shaken periodically, which leads to an e↵ective time dependent gravitational force....

Synthesis of Mesoporous Carbons from Date Pits for the Adsorption of Large Molecular Weight Micropollutants in Wastewater

Ahmed Al Jeffrey
Efficient reuse of waste water requires removal of micro-pollutants from waste water streams by affordable and sustainable methods. Activated carbon is considered a powerful adsorbent due to its high surface area and low cost of treatment, compared to other expensive methods such as membrane filtration. Producing activated carbon with larger mesoporosity (>2nm) is of particular interest in industry in the removal of larger molecular sized pollutants. This study reports the synthesis of mesoporous activated carbons...

Implementing a New Dense Symmetric Eigensolver on Multicore Systems

Dalal E. Sukkari
We present original advanced architecture implementations of the QDWHeig algo- rithm for solving dense symmetric eigenproblems. The algorithm (Y. Nakatsukasa and N. J. Higham, 2012) performs a spectral divide-and-conquer, which recursively divides the matrix into smaller submatrices by finding an invariant subspace for a subset of the spectrum. The main contribution of this thesis is to enhance the per- formance of QDWHeig algorithm by relying on a high performance kernels from PLASMA [1] and LAPACK...

Integrated Microbial Electrolysis Cell (MEC) with an anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) for low strength wastewater treatment, energy harvesting and water reclamation

Rodrigo J. Jimenez Sandoval
Shortage of potable water is a problem that affects many nations in the world and it will aggravate in a near future if pertinent actions are not carried out. Decrease in consumption, improvements in water distribution systems to avoid losses and more efficient water treatment processes are some actions that can be implemented to attack this problem. Membrane technology and biological processes are used in wastewater treatment to achieve high water quality standards. Some other...

Hybrid Adaptive Multilevel Monte Carlo Algorithm for Non-Smooth Observables of Itô Stochastic Differential Equations

Nadhir B. Rached
The Monte Carlo forward Euler method with uniform time stepping is the standard technique to compute an approximation of the expected payoff of a solution of an Itô SDE. For a given accuracy requirement TOL, the complexity of this technique for well behaved problems, that is the amount of computational work to solve the problem, is O(TOL-3). A new hybrid adaptive Monte Carlo forward Euler algorithm for SDEs with non-smooth coefficients and low regular observables...

Diagnosis of Constant Faults in Read-Once Contact Networks over Finite Bases using Decision Trees

Monther I. Busbait
We study the depth of decision trees for diagnosis of constant faults in read-once contact networks over finite bases. This includes diagnosis of 0-1 faults, 0 faults and 1 faults. For any finite basis, we prove a linear upper bound on the minimum depth of decision tree for diagnosis of constant faults depending on the number of edges in a contact network over that basis. Also, we obtain asymptotic bounds on the depth of decision...

Analysis of Exoelectrogenic Bacterial Communities Present in Different Brine Pools of the Red Sea

Juan F. Ortiz Medina
One contemporary issue experienced worldwide is the climate change due to the combustion of fossil fuels. Microbial Electrochemical Systems pose as an alternative for energy generation. In this technology, microorganisms are primarily responsible for electricity production. To improve the performance it is reasonable to think that bacteria from diverse environments, such as the brine pools of the Red Sea, can be utilized in these systems. Samples from three brine pools: Atlantis II, Valdivia, and Kebrit...

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Ternary and Quaternary Alkali Metal Thiophosphates

Fatimah S. Alahmary
The ongoing development of nonlinear optical (NLO) crystals such as coherent mid-IR sources focuses on various classes of materials such as ternary and quaternary metal chalcophosphates. In case of thiophosphates, the connection between PS4-tetrahedral building blocks and metals gives rise to a broad structural variety where approximately one third of all known ternary (A/P/S) and quaternary (A/M/P/S) (A = alkali metal, M = metal) structures are acentric and potential nonlinear optical materials. The molten alkali...

Transformational III-V Electronics

Maha A. Nour
Flexible electronics using III-V materials for nano-electronics with high electron mobility and optoelectronics with direct band gap are attractive for many applications. This thesis describes a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) compatible process for transforming traditional III-V materials based electronics into flexible one. The thesis reports releasing 200 nm of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) from 200 nm GaAs / 300 nm Aluminum Arsenide (AlAs) stack on GaAs substrate using diluted hydrofluoric acid (HF). This process enables...

The Effect of Nitrogen Surface Ligands on Propane Metathesis: Design and Characterizations of N-modified SBA15-Supported Schrock-type Tungsten Alkylidyne

Ahmed A. Eid
Catalysis, which is primarily a molecular phenomenon, is an important field of chemistry because it requires the chemical conversion of molecules into other molecules. It also has an effect on many fields, including, but not limited to, industry, environment and life Science[1]. Surface Organometallic Chemistry is an effective methodology for Catalysis as it imports the concept and mechanism of organometallic chemistry, to surface science and heterogeneous catalysis. So, it bridges the gap between homogenous and...

Polymerization of Polar Monomers from a Theoretical Perspective

Miasser Alghamdi
Density functional theory calculations have been used to investigate catalytic mechanism of polymer formation containing polar groups, from the synthesis of the monomer to the synthesis of the macromolecule. In the spirit of a sustainable and green chemistry, we initially focused attention on the coupling of CO2 as economically convenient and recyclable C1 source with C2H4 to form acrylate and/or butirro-lactone, two important polar monomers. In this process formation of a mettallolactone via oxidative coupling...

Sensitive Mid-IR Laser Sensor Development and Mass Spectrometric Measurements in Shock Tube and Flames

Awad Alquaity
With global emission regulations becoming stringent, development of new combustion technologies that meet future emission regulations is essential. In this vein, this dissertation presents the application of sensitive diagnostic tools to validate and improve chemical kinetic mechanisms that play a fundamental role in the design of new combustion technologies. First, a novel high sensitivity laser-based sensor with a wide frequency tuning range (900 – 1000 cm-1) was developed utilizing pulsed cavity ringdown spectroscopy (CRDS) technique....

On the Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Zero-Dimensional-Networked Perovskites

Jawaher Almutlaq
The three-dimensional perovskites are known for their wide range of interesting properties including spectral tunability, charge carrier mobility, solution-based synthesis and many others. Such properties make them good candidates for photovoltaics and photodetectors. Low-dimensional perovskites, on the other hand, are good as light emitters due to the quantum confinement originating from their nanoparticle size. Another class of low-dimensional perovskites, also called low-dimensional-networked perovskites (L-DN), is recently reemerging. Those interesting materials combine the advantages of the...

Characteristics of Butanol Isomers Oxidation in a Micro Flow Reactor

Muhamad Firdaus Bin Hamzah
Ignition and combustion characteristics of n-butanol/air, 2-butanol.air and isobutanol/air mixtures at stoichiometric (ϕ = 1) and lean (ϕ = 0.5) conditions were investigated in a micro flow reactor with a controlled temperature profile from 323 K to 1313 K, under atmospheric pressure. Sole distinctive weak flame was observed for each mixture, with inlet fuel/air mixture velocity set low at 2 cm/s. One-dimensional computation with comprehensive chemistry and transport was conducted. At low mixture velocities, one-stage...

SnSe2 Two Dimensional Anodes for Advanced Sodium Ion Batteries

Fan Zhang
Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) are considered as a promising alternative to lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) for large-scale renewable energy storage units due to the abundance of sodium resource and its low cost. However, the development of anode materials for SIBs to date has been mainly limited to some traditional anodes for LIBs, such as carbonaceous materials. SnSe2 is a member of two dimensional layered transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) family, which has been predicted to have high theoretical...

Patterning of Perovskite Single Crystals

Daniel Alejandro Corzo Diaz
As the internet-of-things hardware integration continues to develop and the requirements for electronics keep diversifying and expanding, the necessity for specialized properties other than the classical semiconductor performance becomes apparent. The success of emerging semiconductor materials depends on the manufacturability and cost as much as on the properties and performance they offer. Solution-based semiconductors are an emerging concept that offers the advantage of being compatible with large-scale manufacturing techniques and have the potential to yield...

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