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Was von einer Volkskirche übrigbleibt

Stefan Gärtner
Münchener Theologische Zeitschrift, Bd. 69 Nr. 1 (2018)

Using virtual reality to visualize extreme rainfall events derived from climate simulations

Daniel Kolb, Wolfgang Kurtz, Jens Weismüller, Alexander von Ramm & Ralf Ludwig
Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging and powerful tool to visualize and explore complex scientific data sets in an intuitive, interactive and user-friendly manner. In this study, we explore the usage of VR to create an immersive visualization of hydrological extreme events based on climate simulations. We aim to make use of the added values of VR to promote the communication of scientific results on potential natural hazards to the public. The visualization data are...

Do Legal Standards Affect Ethical Concerns of Consumers?

David Danz, Dirk Engelmann & Dorothea Kübler

Inducing Cooperation with Emotion – Who Is Affected?

Manja Gärtner, Gustav Tinghög & Daniel Västfjäll

Histologi@: Einführung in die Zytologie und Histologie

Hans-Georg Frank

Der Konflikt zwischen Indien und Pakistan: Neorealismus und Organisationstheorie in der Theorienkonkurrenz.

Benedikt Zoepf

A close and distant reading of Shakespearean intertextuality

Johannes Molz
This study is an attempt at tracing and understanding Shakespearean intertextuality with the help of both qualitative and quantitative methods. The author looks for (near-)verbatim quotations of Shakespeare’s works in contemporary British novels. The references cited help to answer how Shakespeare is referenced by those who came after him and how text mining and computational methods can facilitate the search for these references. The present study looks for salient patterns in Shakespearean intertextuality in a...

Foraminifera small subunit ribosomal RNA sequences assembled from metatranscriptomes from Nambian sediments

William D. Orsi

Automatic Domain Adaptation Outperforms Manual Domain Adaptation for Predicting Financial Outcomes

Marina Sedinkina, Nikolas Breitkopf & Hinrich Schütze
In this paper, we automatically create senti- ment dictionaries for predicting financial out- comes. We compare three approaches: (i) manual adaptation of the domain-general dic- tionary H4N, (ii) automatic adaptation of H4N and (iii) a combination consisting of first man- ual, then automatic adaptation. In our experi- ments, we demonstrate that the automatically adapted sentiment dictionary outperforms the previous state of the art in predicting the finan- cial outcomes excess return and volatility. In particular,...

Sentence Meta-Embeddings for Unsupervised Semantic Textual Similarity

Nina Poerner, Ulli Waltinger & Hinrich Schütze
We address the task of unsupervised Seman- tic Textual Similarity (STS) by ensembling di- verse pre-trained sentence encoders into sen- tence meta-embeddings. We apply, extend and evaluate different meta-embedding meth- ods from the word embedding literature at the sentence level, including dimensionality re- duction (Yin and Schu ̈tze, 2016), generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis (Rastogi et al., 2015) and cross-view auto-encoders (Bolle- gala and Bao, 2018). Our sentence meta- embeddings set a new unsupervised State of...

Die computationale Wende in der Statistik

Christina Ecker

Measuring the Impact of MiFID II on Information Asymmetries Using Microstructure Models

Erik-Jan Senn
This paper evaluates the impact of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) regulation on information asymmetries. The microstructure models of Madhavan et al. (1997) and Glosten and Harris (1988) are adapted to estimate potential changes in the adverse selection component of the spread. I use trade and quote data of 50 German stocks traded at the Cboe Europe Equities exchange. To classify trades in presence of uncertainly about the sequence of trades...

Selling Dreams: Endogenous Optimism in Lending Markets

Luc Bridet & Peter Schwardmann

Multinational lending retrenchment after the global financial crisis: The impact of policy interventions

Miriam Müting


Nic Leonhardt

Introduction: Theatrical Trade Routes

Christopher Balme & Nic Leonhardt
An Introduction to the focus issue "Theatrical Traderoutes".

Herr Daniel Bandmann and Shakespeare vs the World

Lisa J. Warrington
German actor Daniel Bandmann played his first Hamlet at the age of 20, and made his English language debut as Shylock in New York, 1863. In his prime, he performed extensively in America, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, amongst other countries. Though he played roles which ranged from Narcisse and the Corsican twins to Jekyll and Hyde, he was perhaps most closely identified with a handful of Shakespearean roles: Hamlet, Shylock, Macbeth, Othello, Iago....

Australasia: Mapping a Theatrical 'Region' in Peace and War

Veronica Kelly
In specific times and places, theatrical touring 'maps' can exceed national borders and create their own local and trans-national networks and centres. The term 'regions' is preferred here to identify activity situated across and within the fluctuating outlines of nation states or empires, and capable of ignoring their boundaries. National theatrical activities are read as particular sites, but not necessarily centres, within the expanded and fluid cosmopolitanism enabled by modernity's technologies and communication networks. '˜Regions'...

’The place of intellectuals'

Ziad Adwan
This paper explores how the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts (HIDA) in Damascus achieved an exceptional degree of prestige in Syrian cultural life. Although operating under a dictatorship in a conservative country, HIDA still enjoyed unusual margins of curricula autonomy and free expression in a country that repressed other cultural and educational sectors. Like in many socialist countries in the Cold War, Syrian intellectuals were challenged by several factors, chief of which was the ability...

Transnational networks of the Theatre of the Oppressed

Clara De Andrade & Christopher Balme
This work reflects on how the transnational networks of the Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) contributed to its institutionalization and permanence as one of the most practiced theatrical methodologies worldwide. In order to understand the expansion of the method developed by Augusto Boal as a transnational network, the article first defines the terms ‘institutionalization’ and ‘network’, before providing a brief review of its history, its adaptation to the cultural policies in France and Brazil, and...

Journal of Global Theater History / Herausgeber Christopher Balme, Bd. 4 Nr. 1 (2020)

[Rezension von] Verrechtlichung und Global Governance, Bernhard Zangl/Michael Zürn (Hg.), 2004

Günther Auth

Machiavelli und der Beginn der 'bürgerlichen' Geschichtsphilosophie

Manuel Knoll (Ed.) & Stefano Saracino (Ed.)

Ars memorandi per figuras evangelistarum ; [um 1450?]

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