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Rezension von: Mantzaridis, Georgios: Χρόνoς καὶ ἄνθρωπoς, Thessaloniki 1992

Theodor Nikolaou

Durchführung der Leichenschau

Wolfgang Eisenmenger

God is Caesar?

Tobias Müller

Und die Erde sei Eis, so dass ihr ausgleitet!

Birgit Christiansen

A Turning Point in Gender Bias in Mortality?

Stephan Klasen & Claudia Wink
More than 10 years ago, Amartya Sen estimated than some 100 million women are 'missing' as a result of excess female mortality in parts of the developing world, most notably South Asia, China, West Asia, and parts of North Africa (Sen, 1989; Sen 1990). Coale (1991) and Klasen (1994) used more precise demographic techniques and arrived at figures that varied between 60 million (Coale) and 90 million (Klasen). All three estimates confirmed the enormous toll...

HIV-related ocular microangiopathic syndrome and cognitive functioning

Stephan A. Geier, Christian Perro, Volker Klauß, Dieter Naber, Ursula Kronawitter, Johannes R. Bogner, Frank-Detlef Goebel, Otto-Erich Lund & Hanns Hippius

Approches expérimentales en langue minorisée. Le cas de l'occitan

Daniela Müller

Cell cycle analysis of hydra Cells

Charles N. David

Selektion und Sozialisation des Führungsnachwuchses

J. Kaschube, Friedemann W. Nerdinger, Lutz von Rosenstiel & Erika Spieß

Bibliotheken als Open-Access-Publikationsdienstleister

Volker Schallehn

Dynamics of Political Systems

Lukas Buchheim & Robert Ulbricht
We develop a model of regime dynamics that embeds the principal transition scenarios examined by the literature. Political systems are a priori unrestricted and dynamics emerge through the combination and interaction of transition events over time. The model attributes a key role to beliefs held by political outsiders about the vulnerability of regimes, governing the likelihood and outcome of transitions. In equilibrium, transition likelihoods are declining in a regime's maturity,generating episodes of political stability alternating...

Can intentions spoil the kindness of a gift? - An experimental study

Christina Strassmair
Consider a situation where person A undertakes a costly action that benefits person B. This behavior seems altruistic. However, if A expects a reward in return from B, then A's action may be motivated by the expected rewards rather than by pure altruism. The question we address in this experimental study is how B reacts to the intentions of A. We vary the probability, with which the second mover in a trust game can reciprocate,...

Leistungsförderung und Begabungsentfaltung

Kurt A. Heller

Musikalisch-Elementares bei Im Abendrot von Richard Strauss

Reinhold Schlötterer

Complex Formation between NheB and NheC Is Necessary to Induce Cytotoxic Activity by the Three-Component Bacillus cereus Nhe Enterotoxin.

Uta Heilkenbrinker, Richard Dietrich, Andrea Didier, Kui Zhu, Toril Lindbäck, Per Einar Granum & Erwin Märtlbauer
The nonhemolytic enterotoxin (Nhe) is known as a major pathogenicity factor for the diarrheal type of food poisoning caused by Bacillus cereus. The Nhe complex consists of NheA, NheB and NheC, all of them required to reach maximum cytotoxicity following a specific binding order on cell membranes. Here we show that complexes, formed between NheB and NheC under natural conditions before targeting the host cells, are essential for toxicity in Vero cells. To enable detection...

Der Faktor Lautsymbolik

Hilke Elsen
Im Mittelpunkt dieses Artikels stehen lautsymbolische Aspekte sprachlicher Innovation. Neben einem kurzen Überblick über das Thema Lautsymbolik werden einige Forschungs-felder vorgestellt, die sich mit diesem Gegenstand befassen und gleichzeitig Sprachwandel-phänomene berühren. Darunter sind hier aber weniger die üblichen Grammatikalisierungs- und Lexikalisierungsprozesse zu verstehen als vielmehr Sprachursprung, die Rolle der Pho-nästheme und Kunstwortbildung. Denn gerade für Randerscheinungen liefern lautsymbo-lische Faktoren einen möglichen Motivationshintergrund.

Pitfalls of hypothesis tests and model selection on bootstrap samples: causes and consequences in biometrical applications

Silke Janitza, Harald Binder & Anne-Laure Boulesteix
The bootstrap method has become a widely used tool applied in diverse areas where results based on asymptotic theory are scarce. It can be applied for example for assessing the variance of a statistic, a quantile of interest or for significance testing by resampling from the null hypothesis. Recently some approaches have been proposed in the biometrical field where hypothesis testing or model selection is performed on a bootstrap sample as if it were the...

[Rezension von:] Hiepel, Claudia; Ruff, Mark (Hrsg.): Christliche Arbeiterbewegung in Europa 1850-1950. Konfession und Gesellschaft vol. 30. Kohlhammer: Stuttgart 2003

Jürgen Finger

Na Duong (northern Vietnam) - an exceptional window into Eocene ecosystems from Southeast Asia

Madelaine Böhme, Manuela Aiglstorfer, Pierre-Olivier Antoine, Erwin Appel, Philipe Havlik, Grégoire Métais, Laq The Phuc, Simon Schneider, Fabian Setzer, Ralf Tappert, Dang Ngoc Tran, Dieter Uhl & Jérôme Prieto
Today, the continental ecosystems of Southeast Asia represent a global biodiversity hotspot. From a deep-time perspective, however, very little is known about the formation of this hotspot. In particular, the evolutionary and biogeographic roots of numerous terrestrial biota are unknown, and ecosystemic information, especially for the Paleogene, is unavailable. The Na Duong Basin in northern Vietnam has yielded a remarkable diversity of Paleogene vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant fossils, and is thus one of the few...

Vermögenspreise und Konsum

Gerhard Illing & Ulrich Klüh
The article illustrates how the integration of modern theory of finance and stochastic dynamic macroeconomic analysis provides a deeper understanding of the link between asset prices and consumption. It shows that this approach gives only a partial explanation for recent trends in US consumption. Comparing wealth effects in Anglo Saxon countries with continental Europe, the paper provides a perspective of the challenges for European monetary policy arising from wealth effects on consumption.


Jörg Roche

Die Bedeutung von Präjudizien im öffentlichen Recht.

Peter Badura

Finanzinnovationen, Risikomanagement und Regulierung derivativer Finanztitel

Bernd Rudolph
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Selbstevaluation - Ein Ansatz zur Qualitätsverbesserung pädagogischer Praxis und seine Umsetzung am Beispiel des Modellversuchprogramms SEMIK

Jan Ulrich Hense & Heinz Mandl
Self-evaluations are evaluations where the practitioners who are responsible for the evaluation object are "owners of the process". They can decide on their own on initiation, goals, and procedure of an evaluation, and on the use of evaluation results, or at least they have considerable influence on these decisions. In this report we trace back the development of self-evaluation as an independent approach in recent evaluation history. To discuss its potentials and limits, we compare...

Signalling Rivalry and Quality Uncertainty in a Duopoly

Helmut Bester & Juri Demuth
This paper considers price competition in a duopoly with quality uncertainty. The established firm (the `incumbent') offers a quality that is publicly known; the other firm (the `entrant') offers a new good whose quality is not known by some consumers. The incumbent is fully informed about the entrant's quality. This leads to price signalling rivalry because the incumbent gains and the entrant loses if observed prices make the uninformed consumers more pessimistic about the entrant's...

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