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Museum und Partizipation

Takehisa Kadota
The Ogi Folk Museum in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, was founded by local volunteers in 1972. Under the guidance of folklorist and public intellectual Miyamoto Tsuneichi, they collected objects and utensils of daily use and exhibited them in a former schoolhouse. Based on this example, this essay explores the roles that local museums can play in regional development and revitalization projects.

Approches expérimentales en langue minorisée. Le cas de l'occitan

Daniela Müller

Spitzer, Rupert: Gott lebt und ruft dich. - München: Hueber, o.J.

Wilhelm Keilbach

Language Awareness

Teresa Glaab

Cell cycle analysis of hydra Cells

Charles N. David

Selektion und Sozialisation des Führungsnachwuchses

J. Kaschube, Friedemann W. Nerdinger, Lutz von Rosenstiel & Erika Spieß

Bibliotheken als Open-Access-Publikationsdienstleister

Volker Schallehn

Dynamics of Political Systems

Lukas Buchheim & Robert Ulbricht
We develop a model of regime dynamics that embeds the principal transition scenarios examined by the literature. Political systems are a priori unrestricted and dynamics emerge through the combination and interaction of transition events over time. The model attributes a key role to beliefs held by political outsiders about the vulnerability of regimes, governing the likelihood and outcome of transitions. In equilibrium, transition likelihoods are declining in a regime's maturity,generating episodes of political stability alternating...

Can intentions spoil the kindness of a gift? - An experimental study

Christina Strassmair
Consider a situation where person A undertakes a costly action that benefits person B. This behavior seems altruistic. However, if A expects a reward in return from B, then A's action may be motivated by the expected rewards rather than by pure altruism. The question we address in this experimental study is how B reacts to the intentions of A. We vary the probability, with which the second mover in a trust game can reciprocate,...

Thurian, Max: Maria. - Mainz u.a.: Matthias-Grünewald-Verl., 1965

Michael Seybold

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