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Data from: \"African savanna-forest boundary dynamics: a 20-year study\"

Aida Cuni-Sanchez, Lee J.T. White, Kim Calders, Kathryn J. Jeffery, Andrew Burt, Mathias Disney, Martin Gilpin, & Simon L. Lewis
Recent studies show widespread encroachment of forest into savannas with important consequences for the global carbon cycle and land-atmosphere interactions. However, little research has focused on in situ measurements of forest-savanna boundary change over time. Using long-term inventory plots we quantify changes in above-ground biomass (AGB), vegetation structure and biodiversity over 20 years for five vegetation types (savanna, colonising forest or F1, successional monodominant forest or F2, Marantaceae forest or F3 and mixed forest or...

Trait data from: \"Evolutionary heritage influences Amazon tree ecology\"

Fernanda Coelho De Souza, Kyle G. Dexter, Oliver L. Phillips, Roel J.W. Brienen, Jerome Chave, David R. Galbraith, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Abel Monteagudo-Mendoza, R. Toby Pennington, Lourens Poorter, Miguel Alexiades, Esteban Alvarez-Davila, Ana Andrade, Luis E.O.C. Aragao, Alejandro Araujo-Murakami, Eric J.M.M. Arets, Gerardo A. Aymard C., Christopher Baraloto, Jorcely Barroso, Damien Bonal, Rene G.A. Boot, Jose Luis C. Camargo, James A. Comiskey, Fernando Cornejo Valverde, Plinio B. Camargo … & Timothy R. Baker
Lineages tend to retain ecological characteristics of their ancestors through time. However, for some traits, selection during evolutionary history may have also played a role in determining trait values. To address the relative importance of these processes requires large-scale quantification of traits and evolutionary relationships amongst species. The Amazonian tree flora comprises a high diversity of angiosperm lineages and species with widely differing life history characteristics, providing an excellent system to investigate the combined influences...

Plot data from: \"Variation in stem mortality rates determines patterns of aboveground biomass in Amazonian forests: implications for dynamic global vegetation models\"

Michelle O. Johnson, David Galbraith, Emanuel Gloor, Hannes De Deurwaerder, Matthieu Guimberteau, Anja Rammig, Kirsten Thonicke, Hans Verbeeck, Celso Von Randow, Abel Monteagudo, Oliver L. Phillips, Roel J.W. Brienen, Ted R. Feldpausch, Gaby Lopez Gonzalez, Sophie Fauset, Carlos A. Quesada, Bradley Christoffersen, Phillipe Ciais, Sampaio Gilvan, Bart Kruijt, Patrick Meir, Paul Moorcroft, Ke Zhang, Esteban Alvarez, Atila Alves De Oliveira … & Timothy R. Baker
Understanding the processes that determine aboveground biomass (AGB) in Amazonian forests is important for predicting the sensitivity of these ecosystems to environmental change and for designing and evaluating dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs). AGB is determined by inputs from woody productivity (woody NPP) and the rate at which carbon is lost through tree mortality. Here, we test whether two direct metrics of tree mortality (the absolute rate of woody biomass loss and the rate of...

Plot Data from \"Diversity and carbon storage across the tropical forest biome.\"

Martin J. P. Sullivan, Joey Talbot, Simon L. Lewis, Oliver L. Phillips, Lan Qie, Serge K. Begne, Jerome Chave, Aida Cuni Sanchez, Wannes Hubau, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Lera Miles, Abel Monteagudo-Mendoza, Bonaventure Sonke, Terry Sunderland, Hans Ter Steege, Lee J.T. White, Kofi Affum-Baffoe, Shin-Ichiro Aiba, Everton C. Almeida, Edmar Almeida De Oliveira, Patricia Alvarez-Loayza, Esteban Alvarez Davila, Ana Andrade, Luiz E.O.C. Aragao, Peter Ashton … & Lise Zemagho
Tropical forests are global centres of both biodiversity and carbon storage. Many tropical countries aspire to protect forest to fulfil biodiversity and climate mitigation policy targets, but the conservation strategies needed to achieve these two functions depend critically on the tropical forest diversity-carbon relationship and this remains largely unexplored. Attempts to assess and understand this relationship in tropical forest ecosystems have been hindered by the scarcity of inventories where carbon storage in aboveground biomass and...

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