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Plot Data from: \"Long-term decline of the Amazon carbon sink.\"

Roel J. W. Brienen, Oliver L. Phillips, Ted R. Feldpausch, Emanuel Gloor, Timothy R. Baker, Jonathan Lloyd, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Abel Monteagudo Mendoza, Yadvinder Malhi, Simon L. Lewis, Rodolfo Vásquez Martinez, Miguel Alexiades, Esteban A. Álvarez Dávila, Patricia Alvarez-Loayza, Ana Andrade, Luiz E.O.C. Aragão, Alejandro Araujo Murakami, Eric J.M.M. Arets, Luzmila Arroyo, Gerardo A. Aymard C., Olaf S. Bánki, Chris Baraloto, Jorcely G. Barroso, Damien Bonal, Rene Boot … & Roderick J. Zagt
Atmospheric CO2 records indicate that the land surface has acted as a strong global carbon sink over recent decades, with a substantial fraction of this sink likely located in the tropics, particularly in the Amazon. Nevertheless, it is unclear how the terrestrial carbon sink will evolve as climate and atmospheric composition continue to change. Here we analyse the historic evolution of the biomass dynamics of the Amazon rainforest over three decades using a distributed network...

Plot Data from \"Tropical forest wood production: a cross-continentalcomparison\"

Lindsay Banin, Simon L. Lewis, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Timothy R. Baker, Carlos Alberto Quesada, Kuo-Jung Chao, David F. R. P. Burslem, Reuben Nilus, Kamariah Abu Salim, Helen C. Keeling, Sylvester Tan, Stuart J. Davies, Abel Monteagudo Mendoza, Rodolfo Vasquez, Jon Lloyd, David Neill, Nigel Pitman & Oliver L. Phillips
Abstract Insert abstract here.

Data from: \"African savanna-forest boundary dynamics: a 20-year study\"

Aida Cuni-Sanchez, Lee J.T. White, Kim Calders, Kathryn J. Jeffery, Andrew Burt, Mathias Disney, Martin Gilpin, & Simon L. Lewis
Recent studies show widespread encroachment of forest into savannas with important consequences for the global carbon cycle and land-atmosphere interactions. However, little research has focused on in situ measurements of forest-savanna boundary change over time. Using long-term inventory plots we quantify changes in above-ground biomass (AGB), vegetation structure and biodiversity over 20 years for five vegetation types (savanna, colonising forest or F1, successional monodominant forest or F2, Marantaceae forest or F3 and mixed forest or...

Biomass data from 'Forest biomass density across large climate gradients in northern South America is related to water availability but not with temperature'

Esteban Álvarez-Dávila, Luis Cayuela, Sebastián González-Caro, Ana M. Aldana, Pablo R. Stevenson, Oliver Phillips, Álvaro Cogollo, Maria C. Peñuela, Patricio Von Hildebrand, Eliana Jiménez, Omar Melo, Ana Catalina Londoño-Vega, Irina Mendoza, Oswaldo Velásquez, Fernando Fernández, Marcela Serna, Cesar Velázquez-Rua, Doris Benítez & José M. Rey-Benayas
Understanding and predicting the likely response of ecosystems to climate change are crucial challenges for ecology and for conservation biology. Nowhere is this challenge greater than in the tropics as these forests store more than half the total atmospheric carbon stock in their biomass. Biomass is determined by the balance between biomass inputs (i.e., growth) and outputs (mortality). We can expect therefore that conditions that favor high growth rates, such as abundant water supply, warmth,...

Height-diameter input data and R-code to fit and assess height-diameter models, from 'Field methods for sampling tree height for tropical forest biomass estimation' in Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Martin Sullivan, Simon Lewis, Wannes Hubau, Lan Qie, Timothy R. Baker, Lindsay F. Banin, , Aida Cuni Sanchez, Ted R. Feldpausch, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Eric Arets, Peter Ashton, , Nicholas J. Berry, Jan Bogaert, Rene Boot, Francis Q. Brearley, Roel Brienen, David F. R. P. Burslem, Charles De Canniere, Markéta Chudomelová, Martin Dančák, Corneille Ewango, Radim Hédl, Jon Lloyd … & Oliver L. Phillips
1. Quantifying the relationship between tree diameter and height is a key component of efforts to estimate biomass and carbon stocks in tropical forests. Although substantial site-to-site variation in height-diameter allometries has been documented, the time consuming nature of measuring all tree heights in an inventory plot means that most studies do not include height, or else use generic pan-tropical or regional allometric equations to estimate height. 2. Using a pan-tropical dataset of 73 plots...

Data from High aboveground carbon stock of African tropical montane forests

Aida Cuni-Sanchez, Martin J. P. Sullivan, Phil J. Platts, Simon L. Lewis, Rob Marchant, Gérard Imani, Wannes Hubau, Iveren Abiem, Hari Adhikari, Tomas Albrecht, Janne Altman, Christian Amani, Abreham B. Aneseyee, Valerio Avitabile, Lindsay Banin, Rodrigue Batumike, Marijn Bauters, Hans Beeckman, Serge K. Begne, Amy C. Bennett, Robert Bitariho, Pascal Boeckx, Jan Bogaert, Achim Bräuning & Franklin Bulonvu

Data from 'Caroline Signori-Müller et al. 2021. Variation of non-structural carbohydrates across the fast-slow continuum in Amazon forest canopy trees. Functional Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.13971'

Caroline Signori-Müller, Rafael S. Oliveira, Julia Valentim Tavares, Francisco Carvalho Diniz, Martin Gilpin, Fernanda de V. Barros, Manuel J. Marca Zevallos, Carlos A. Salas Yupayccana, Alex Nina, Mauro Brum, Timothy R. Baker, Eric G. Cosio, Yadvinder Malhi, Abel Monteagudo Mendoza, Oliver L. Phillips, Lucy Rowland1, Norma Salinas, Rodolfo Vasquez, Maurizio Mencuccini & David Galbraith

Data set from Argentinian plots from: 'Untangling the importance of niche breadth and niche position as drivers of tree species abundance and occupancy across biogeographic regions '. Global Ecology and Biogeography 2020. https://doi.org/10.1111/geb.13139

Dilys M Vela Diaz, Cecilia Blundo, Leslie Cayola, Alfredo F. Fuentes, Lucio R Malizia & Jonathan Myers
Data package for 'Untangling the importance of niche breadth and niche position as drivers of tree species abundance and occupancy across biogeographic regions '. Global Ecology and Biogeography 2020. ABSTRACT Despite decades of interest in how ecological niches shape species commonness and rarity at local and regional scales, the relative importance of different niche mechanisms within and across ecosystems remains unresolved. We tested the relative importance of niche breadth (range of environmental conditions where species...

Data from “Climate and large-sized trees, but not diversity, drive above-ground biomass in subtropical forests”. Forest Ecology and Management. 2021.

Kauane Maiara Bordin, Adriane Esquivel-Muelbert, Rodrigo Scarton Bergamin, Joice Klipel, Rayana Caroline Picolotto, Marcelo Araújo Frangipani, Katia Janaina Zanini, Marcus Vinicius Cianciaruso, João André Jarenkow, Cristiane Follmann Jurinitz, Martin Molz, Pedro Higuchi, Ana Carolina da Silva & Sandra Cristina Müller

Data from 'Resistance of African tropical forests to an extreme climate anomaly, PNAS 2021. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.2003169118'

Amy C. Bennett, Greta C. Dargie, Aida Cuni-Sanchez, John Tshibamba Mukendi, Wannes Hubau, Jacques M. Mukinzi, Oliver L. Phillips, Yadvinder Malhi, Martin J. P. Sullivan, Declan L.M. Cooper, Stephen Adu-Bredu, Kofi Affum-Baffoe, Christian A. Amani, Lindsay F. Banin, Hans Beeckman, Serge K. Begne, Yannick E. Bocko, Pascal Boeckx, Jan Bogaert, Terry Brncic, Eric Chezeaux, Connie J. Clark, Armandu K. Daniels, Thales de Haulleville & Marie-Noël Djuikouo Kamdem

Data from \"Hyperdominance in Amazonian forest carbon cycling Amazon\".

Fauset Sophie, Johnson Michelle O., Gloor Manuel, Baker Timothy R., Monteagudo Abel M., Brienen Roel J.W., Feldpausch Ted R., Lopez-Ganzalez Gabriela, Malhi Yadvinder, Ter Steege Hans, Pitman Nigel C.A., Baraloto Christopher, Engel Julien, Pétronelli Pascal, Andrade Ana, Camargo José Luís C., Laurance Susan G.W., Laurance William F., Chave Jerôme, Allie Elodie, Núñez Vargas Percy, Terborgh John J., Ruokolainen Kalle, Silveira Marcos, Aymard C. Gerardo A. … & Phillips Oliver L.
The extraordinary diversity of Amazonian forests conceals that tree abundance is 121 strongly skewed towards relatively few ‘hyperdominant’ species. In addition to their 122 diversity, Amazonian trees are a key component of the global carbon cycle, 123 assimilating and storing more carbon than any other ecosystem on Earth. Here, we 124 ask, using a unique dataset of 530 forest plots, if the functions of storing and 125 producing woody carbon are concentrated in a small...

Plot Data from \" Methods to estimate aboveground wood productivity from long-term forest inventory plots\"

Joey Talbot, Simon L. Lewis, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Roel J.W. Brienen, Abel Monteagudo, Timothy R. Baker, Ted R. Feldpausch, Yadvinder Malhi, Mark Vanderwel, Alejandro Araujo Murakami, Luzmila P. Arroyo, Kuo-Jung Chao, Terry Erwin, Geertje Van Der Heijden, Helen Keeling, Tim Killeen, David Neill, Percy Núñez Vargas, Germaine Alexander Parada Gutierrez, Nigel Pitman, Carlos Alberto Quesada, Marcos Silveira, Juliana Stropp & Oliver L. Phillips
Forest inventory plots are widely used to estimate biomass carbon storage and its change over time. While there has been much debate and exploration of the analytical methods for calculating biomass, the methods used to determine rates of wood production have not been evaluated to the same degree. This affects assessment of ecosystem fluxes and may have wider implications if inventory data are used to parameterise biospheric models, or scaled to large areas in assessments...

Trait data from: \"Evolutionary heritage influences Amazon tree ecology\"

Fernanda Coelho De Souza, Kyle G. Dexter, Oliver L. Phillips, Roel J.W. Brienen, Jerome Chave, David R. Galbraith, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Abel Monteagudo-Mendoza, R. Toby Pennington, Lourens Poorter, Miguel Alexiades, Esteban Alvarez-Davila, Ana Andrade, Luis E.O.C. Aragao, Alejandro Araujo-Murakami, Eric J.M.M. Arets, Gerardo A. Aymard C., Christopher Baraloto, Jorcely Barroso, Damien Bonal, Rene G.A. Boot, Jose Luis C. Camargo, James A. Comiskey, Fernando Cornejo Valverde, Plinio B. Camargo … & Timothy R. Baker
Lineages tend to retain ecological characteristics of their ancestors through time. However, for some traits, selection during evolutionary history may have also played a role in determining trait values. To address the relative importance of these processes requires large-scale quantification of traits and evolutionary relationships amongst species. The Amazonian tree flora comprises a high diversity of angiosperm lineages and species with widely differing life history characteristics, providing an excellent system to investigate the combined influences...

Data package from 'Pantropical variability in tree crown allometry' Global Ecology and Biogeography 2021. DOI: 10.1111/geb.13231

Grace Jopaul Loubota Panzou, Adeline Fayolle, Tommaso Jucker, Oliver Phillips, Stephanie Bohlman, Lindsay F. Banin, Simon L. Lewis, Kofi Affum-Baffoe, Luciana F. Alves, Cécile Antin, Eric Arets, Luzmila Arroyo, Timothy R. Baker, Nicolas Barbier, Hans Beeckman, Uta Berger, Yannick Enock Bocko, Frans Bongers, Sam Bowers, Thom Brade, Eduardo S. Brondizio, Arthur Chantrain, Jerome Chave, Halidou Compaore & David Coomes

Data package for 'Forest plot inventory data from seasonally dry and moist Atlantic forest in Rio de Janeiro State'

Nascimento M. Pennington R.T.
'Forest plot inventory data from seasonally dry and moist Atlantic forest in Rio de Janeiro State'. Tree by tree census data and metadata for Dry forest biomes in Brazil - Newton Fund RCUK-FAPERJ , DryFlorBrazil project.

Data from 'Tree diversity and carbon stocks in the Itombwe Mountains of eastern DR Congo. Biotropica. 2021'

Gérard Imani, John Kalume, Rob Marchant, Kim Calders, Rodrigue Batumike, Franklin Bulonvu & Aida Cuni-Sanchez

Data from Sullivan et al. (2020) Long-term thermal sensitivity of Earth’s tropical forests. Science. DOI: 10.1126/science.aaw7578.

Martin J. P. Sullivan, Simon L. Lewis, Kofi Affum Baffoe, Carolina Castilho, Flávia Costa, Aida Cuni Sanchez, Corneille E. N. Ewango, Wannes Hubau, Beatriz Marimon, Abel Monteagudo-Mendoza, Lan Qie, Bonaventure Sonké, Rodolfo Vasquez Martinez, Timothy R Baker, Roel J. W. Brienen, Ted R. Feldpausch, David Galbraith, Manuel Gloor, Yadvinder Malhi & et al
ABSTRACT: The sensitivity of tropical forest carbon to climate is a key uncertainty in predicting global climate change. Although short-term drying and warming are known to affect forests, it is unknown if such effects translate into long-term responses. Here, we analyze 590 permanent plots measured across the tropics to derive the equilibrium climate controls on forest carbon. Maximum temperature is the most important predictor of aboveground biomass (−9.1 megagrams of carbon per hectare per degree...

Data for 'Imaging spectroscopy predicts variable distance decay across contrasting Amazonian tree communities'. 2019 Journal of Ecology. DOI: doi:10.1111/1365-2745.13067

Christopher Baraloto Frederick C. Draper
Floristic plot data, spectrally derived data and associated analytical code (R and python) to replicate analysis in: 'Imaging spectroscopy predicts variable distance decay across contrasting Amazonian tree communities' Draper et al 2018, Journal of Ecology. Paper abstract: 1. The forests of Amazonia are among the most biodiverse on Earth, yet accurately quantifying how species composition varies through space (i.e. beta-diversity) remains a significant challenge. Here we use high-fidelity airborne imaging spectroscopy from the Carnegie Airborne...

Plot Data from: African forest structure and above-ground biomass measured in inventory plots. Plot data from \"Above-ground biomass and structure of 260 African tropical forests.\"

Simon L. Lewis, Bonaventure Sonké, Terry Sunderland, Serge K. Begne, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Geertje M. F. Van Der Heijden, Oliver L. Phillips, Kofi Affum-Baffoe, Timothy R. Baker, Lindsay Banin, Jean-François Bastin, Hans Beeckman, Pascal Boeckx, Jan Bogaert, Charles De Cannière, Eric Chezeaux, Connie J. Clark, Murray Collins, Gloria Djagbletey, Marie-Noël K. Djuikouo, Vincent Droissart, Jean-Louis Doucet, Cornielle E. N. Ewango, Sophie Fauset, Ted R. Feldpausch … & Lise Zemagho
We report above-ground biomass (AGB), basal area, stem density and wood mass density estimates from 260 sample plots (mean size: 1.2 ha) in intact closed-canopy tropical forests across 12 African countries. Mean AGB is 395.7 Mg dry mass ha-1 (95% CI: 14.3), substantially higher than Amazonian values, with the Congo Basin and contiguous forest region attaining AGB values (429 Mg ha-1) similar to those of Bornean forests, and significantly greater than East or West African...

Amazon forest biomass measured in inventory plots. Plot Data from \"Markedly divergent estimates of Amazon forest carbon density from ground plots and satellites.\"

Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Edward T. A. Mitchard, Ted R. Feldpausch, Roel J. W. Brienen, Abel Monteagudo, Timothy R. Baker, Simon L. Lewis, Jonathan Lloyd, Carlos Alberto Quesada, Emanuel Gloor, Hans Ter Steege, Patrick Meir, Esteban Alvarez, Alejandro Araujo-Murakami, Luiz E. O. C. Aragão, Luzmila Arroyo, Gerardo Aymard, Olaf Banki, Damien Bonal, Sandra Brown, Foster I. Brown, Carlos E. Cerón, Victor Chama Moscoso, Jerome Chave, James M. Comiskey … & Oliver L. Phillips
Abstract Abstract Aim The accurate mapping of forest carbon stocks is essential for understanding the global carbon cycle, for assessing emissions from deforestation, and for rational land-use planning. Remote sensing (RS) is currently the key tool for this purpose, but RS does not estimate vegetation biomass directly, and thus may miss significant spatial variations in forest structure. We test the stated accuracy of pantropical carbon maps using a large independent field dataset. Location Tropical forests...

Plot data from: \"Variation in stem mortality rates determines patterns of aboveground biomass in Amazonian forests: implications for dynamic global vegetation models\"

Michelle O. Johnson, David Galbraith, Emanuel Gloor, Hannes De Deurwaerder, Matthieu Guimberteau, Anja Rammig, Kirsten Thonicke, Hans Verbeeck, Celso Von Randow, Abel Monteagudo, Oliver L. Phillips, Roel J.W. Brienen, Ted R. Feldpausch, Gaby Lopez Gonzalez, Sophie Fauset, Carlos A. Quesada, Bradley Christoffersen, Phillipe Ciais, Sampaio Gilvan, Bart Kruijt, Patrick Meir, Paul Moorcroft, Ke Zhang, Esteban Alvarez, Atila Alves De Oliveira … & Timothy R. Baker
Understanding the processes that determine aboveground biomass (AGB) in Amazonian forests is important for predicting the sensitivity of these ecosystems to environmental change and for designing and evaluating dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs). AGB is determined by inputs from woody productivity (woody NPP) and the rate at which carbon is lost through tree mortality. Here, we test whether two direct metrics of tree mortality (the absolute rate of woody biomass loss and the rate of...

Data from: Reis et al. (2022). Climate and crown damage drive tree mortality in Southern Amazonian edge Forests. Journal of Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2745.13849

Simone Matias Reis, Beatriz Schwantes Marimon, Adriane Esquivel-Muelbert, Ben Hur Marimon Junior, Paulo Sérgio Morandi, Fernando Elias, Edmar Almeida de Oliveira, David Galbraith, Ted R. Feldpausch, Imma Oliveras Menor, Yadvinder Malhi & Oliver L. Phillips

Data from 91 Transect Plots from “Proyecto Biodiversidad y Comunidad, Madre de Dios, Perú”

Oliver L. Phillips, Percy Nunez Vargas, Abel Monteagudo, Fernando Cornejo Valverde, Antonio Peña Cruz, Adela Reatigui Ismodes, Wilfredo Ramirez Salas, Maria Elena Chuspe, Marcial Lopez Flores, Cesar Chacon Troncoso, Abidio Mamani Balarezo, Emer Rosales Solorzano, Washington Galindo Castro, Hugo Calloquispe F. & Georgia Pickavance
This data package makes available tree-by-tree diameter and floristic data from 91 samples of 0.1-ha each, in community and protected lands in eastern Madre de Dios, in Amazonian Peru. Data were collected by a team of Peruvian botanists and assistants, in a collaboration between the University of Leeds, the Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco, and the Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonia Peruana. This work was part of a project funded by the...

Plot Data from \"Diversity and carbon storage across the tropical forest biome.\"

Martin J. P. Sullivan, Joey Talbot, Simon L. Lewis, Oliver L. Phillips, Lan Qie, Serge K. Begne, Jerome Chave, Aida Cuni Sanchez, Wannes Hubau, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Lera Miles, Abel Monteagudo-Mendoza, Bonaventure Sonke, Terry Sunderland, Hans Ter Steege, Lee J.T. White, Kofi Affum-Baffoe, Shin-Ichiro Aiba, Everton C. Almeida, Edmar Almeida De Oliveira, Patricia Alvarez-Loayza, Esteban Alvarez Davila, Ana Andrade, Luiz E.O.C. Aragao, Peter Ashton … & Lise Zemagho
Tropical forests are global centres of both biodiversity and carbon storage. Many tropical countries aspire to protect forest to fulfil biodiversity and climate mitigation policy targets, but the conservation strategies needed to achieve these two functions depend critically on the tropical forest diversity-carbon relationship and this remains largely unexplored. Attempts to assess and understand this relationship in tropical forest ecosystems have been hindered by the scarcity of inventories where carbon storage in aboveground biomass and...

Data from: \"Consistent, small effects of tree-fall disturbances on the composition and diversity of four Amazonian forests\"

Timothy R. Baker, Dilys M. Vela, Victor Chama Moscoso, Gilberto Navarro, Abel Monteagudo, Ruy Pinto, Katia Cangani, Nikolaos M. Fyllas, Gabriela Lopez Gonzalez, William F. Laurance, Simon L. Lewis, Jonathan L. Lloyd, Hans Ter Steege, John W. Terborgh & Oliver L. Phillips
1. Understanding the resilience of moist tropical forests to tree fall disturbance events is important for understanding the mechanisms that underlie species coexistence and for predicting the future composition of these ecosystems. Here, we test whether variation in the functional composition of Amazonian forests determines their resilience to disturbance. 2. We studied the legacy of natural tree fall disturbance events in four forests across Amazonia that differ substantially in functional composition. We compared the composition...

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