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UK Families Experiences of Film and TV during COVID and Beyond

Rafe Clayton, Carmen Lau Clayton & M Potter
Due to government restrictions, cinemas were closed in March 2020 and this rapidly accelerated the advancing trend of moving-image consumption taking place online (Gupta & Singharia 2021). Living under lockdown conditions and with the majority of British people [and many worldwide] having no option to watch movies other than within the home, the movie industry was unable to release its films through the normal theatrical channels (Sterritt 2020), leading to a significant pause in global...

UK screen use in 2022: a need for guidance

Rafe Clayton & Carmen Clayton
The use of screens has become integral to our work and leisure in the UK. New research looking at UK adults’ use of screens during and after the coronavirus lockdowns has found a steep rise in total screen use. This was linked to perceived negative health impacts, with some groups being more vulnerable. Here we discuss the need for clear national guidance on screen use in the UK.

New Uses of Screens in Post-Lockdown Britain - Study Report and Findings

Rafe Clayton, Carmen Lau Clayton, Marie Potter, Sultan Al-Azri & Ileyas Mogeh
The ‘New Uses of Screens in Post-Lockdown Britain’ study (NUSPB) set out to discover the current lived experiences of British people and how screen technologies may or may not have become more permanently integrated within their day-to-day lives following the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020-2021.

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  • 2022

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  • University of Leeds
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