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Supporting carers of people with a progressive neurological condition

Florien Boele, Emma Nicklin, Sarah Bronsdon, Ian Brooke Mawson, Peter Buckle, Sian Cartwright, Claire Hulme, Lisa McInerney, Yvonne Palmer, Robbie Foy, Juliet Jopson, Rory O'Connor, Amy Rebane & Judy Wright
Unpaid carers provide round the clock support to people living with a condition that affects the brain and gets worse over time (progressive neurological condition). Caregiving can be rewarding, but can also affect carer health and wellbeing. Carers consistently report many unmet support needs. We believe that carers, academics, service providers, and policymakers need to work together to improve support for carers and offer five pillars of action.

Reducing restrictive practices across health, education and criminal justice settings

John Baker, Kathryn Berzins & Sarah Kendal
In many institutions in the UK, when an adult or child is distressed or agitated, staff may use techniques such as physical restraint and/or being locked in a seclusion room to contain the situation. These ‘restrictive practices’ can be physically harmful and cause psychological trauma. We systematically reviewed interventions to reduce the use of restrictive practices in institutional settings and found the most effective interventions combined techniques from a common pool. Health, education and criminal...

UK Families Experiences of Film and TV during COVID and Beyond

Rafe Clayton, Carmen Lau Clayton & M Potter
Due to government restrictions, cinemas were closed in March 2020 and this rapidly accelerated the advancing trend of moving-image consumption taking place online (Gupta & Singharia 2021). Living under lockdown conditions and with the majority of British people [and many worldwide] having no option to watch movies other than within the home, the movie industry was unable to release its films through the normal theatrical channels (Sterritt 2020), leading to a significant pause in global...

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  • 2022

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  • University of Leeds
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