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Conversation with Contemporary Scholar, Dr James Simpson

Helen R. Robinson
PGR Helen Robinson talks to Dr James Simpson about his new academic role in Hong Kong which has opened up interesting research opportunities. James’ areas of expertise comprise, inter alia, language education and migration, adult ESOL, multilingualism, and language education and development. Covering some of these areas in the context of challenges posed by moving countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, this conversation offers insights into work-life dynamics in strangely different circumstances. With an interdisciplinary audience...

Taking time to appreciate the scenery: an exploration of PhD supervision as pedagogy

Edward Collyer & Lawrence Clare

Conference Report: TEALfest 2021 (Technology Enhanced Active Learning), University of Warwick, May 2021

Marianne Talbot
TEALfest was a week-long “online festival for sharing technology enhanced active learning practice, research, ideas and experiences”, organised and facilitated by the University of Warwick’s Learning Design Consultancy Unit in May 2021 (University of Warwick, 2021). The festival consisted of a series of 41 events led by colleagues and guest speakers, focused on the theme of ‘Beyond the bubble’. The organisers aimed to expand their horizons and look for inspiration outside their own practice, disciplines,...

A Reflective Analysis on Strategic Approaches Implemented in Accessing and Conducting Interviews with Elites in Sri Lanka

Sasheeka Karunanayake
In this paper, I intend to share my experiences and reflections on the process of how the organisational elites, the gatekeepers and the participants of my study, were accessed and interviewed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The three-fold objectives of this paper are: negotiating access, the strategic approaches implemented by me as the researcher in accessing and conducting interviews, and sharing my lessons with novice researchers, who work in similar contexts. In the discussion, an emphasis...

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