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Digital Collecting in Times of Crisis

Kara McClurken
This is the slide presentation from the 2018 LYRASIS Leaders Summit documenting the University of Virginia Catalyst Fund project - Digital Collecting in Times of Crisis.

Digital Collecting in Times of Crisis: Survey and Toolkit

Kara McClurken
This is a slide presentation from the University of Virginia for the Catalyst Fund Webinar Series.

Digital Collecting in Times of Crisis: 2018 LYRASIS Catalyst Fund recipient report

Jeremy Boggs, Kara McClurken & Elizabeth Mitchell
$28,800 to enable cultural institutions and communities of all sizes to be prepared for and able to implement digital collecting strategies during and after rapidly evolving social events and community crises by creating templates and documentation to quickly set up an open source tool to collect and provide access to digital materials including photos, videos and social media.

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  • 2021

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  • University of Virginia