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Governance Activity: Catastrophizing

Megan Forbes & Laurie Arp
Goals: Understand how the program’s current governance model (or decision making) works with unexpected issues; Understand if the model works well or has gaps; and Identify and document issues that need to be solved. Related Objectives: Define the Need for Governance

The Ohio State University Catalyst Fund Idea Report – Repository Migration Service

Hannah Rosen
This report covers the 2021 LYRASIS Catalyst Fund idea proposed by the Ohio State University. LYRASIS staff performed market research, conducting interviews and surveys to determine how current OSS communities are tracking software version usage, as well as to understand the potential for a migration service to alleviate the difficulties in migrating from unsupported OSS versions to current software versions.

A summary and analysis of the cognitive walkthrough, usability study, and user survey performed on americansouth.org

In accordance with the grant proposal submitted to and approved by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the project staff at AmericanSouth.org is to “coordinate specific evaluations of AmericanSouth.org from the perspectives of … scholars and other users.” The types of testing to be conducted were specified as including “evaluation and usability studies.”

It Takes a Village: Open Source Software Sustainability

Megan Forbes & Laurie Arp
This Guidebook is designed to serve as a practical reference source to help open source software programs serving cultural and scientific heritage organizations plan for long-term sustainability, ensuring that commitment and resources will be available at levels sufficient for the software to remain viable and effective as long as it is needed.

NHPRC GRANT AWARD RQ-102995-19: ‘Small & Diverse Archival Organization Needs Assessment Project’ Survey Report

Thomas F.R. Clareson & Leigh A. Grinstead
YRASIS received a National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) Records Cooperative Agreement beginning on October 1, 2019, for a “Small and Diverse Archival Organization Needs Assessment Project.” The goal of the project was to assess small and diverse archival organizations and repositories to outline the barriers to their long-term sustainability, growth, and public access. Project activities included a detailed survey of small archives and follow-up focus groups to explore results.

LYRASIS 2020 Open Content Survey Report: Understanding the Landscape of Open Content Activities in United States Libraries

Jill E. Grogg & Hannah Rosen
Cultural heritage organizations have long struggled to ensure their users cost-effective, widespread information access. This situation presents challenges and opportunities, both of which have evolved over time. The open content movement has expanded that challenge to supporting and advocating for content free of barriers and paywalls. Open content touches many areas of librarianship, but it is often difficult to understand how libraries approach this movement through internal activities and external financial support. The LYRASIS open...

The State of Libraries at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Sandra Nyberg & Lynda Idleman
How do the levels of support for and services from HBCU libraries compare to those at other academic institutions? To develop a baseline comparison, the HBCU Library Alliance and the Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET) undertook an assessment of the state of libraries at HBCUs using data collected by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) through its biennial Academic Libraries Survey (ALS). Funded by the Training and Technical Assistance Program of the Library Statistics Program...

NHPRC Focus Group Report June 2020 Sessions

Thomas F.R. Clareson
LYRASIS consultants on the National Historical Publications and Records Commission Small and Diverse Archives project held four focus group sessions during June 2020, and heard from 38 focus participants about their concerns and interests in the work and operations of small archives.

Collecting Archival Materials During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Leigh A. Grinstead & Katy Klettlinger
In April 2020, a member institution reached out to LYRASIS for advice on how to safely collect archival materials during the early stages of the pandemic. The archives held half of a substantial collection from a donor who had contracted COVID-19 and was in assisted living. Upon hearing the news, the archives had one month to collect the remaining materials from the executor before they were lost. In discussing the case, LYRASIS consultants hypothesized that...

LYRASIS 2020 DEI Survey Report: Understanding the Scope of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Activities in United States Libraries

Hannah Rosen & Jill E. Grogg
Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as an aggregate concern presents both opportunities and challenges for cultural heritage organizations. In an effort to gauge current policies and practices regarding DEI, LYRASIS surveyed its membership of more than 1,000 galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAM) institutions about their activities in three distinct areas: policy and infrastructure; recruiting, training, and retaining a diverse staff; and maintaining/building diverse collections.​The core output of this survey is the 2020 LYRASIS DEI...

LYRASIS 2019 Accessibility Survey Report: Understanding the Landscape of Library Accessibility for Online Materials

Hannah Rosen & Jill E. Grogg
Accommodating users with disabilities is not a new endeavor for libraries. However, the evolving landscape of content digitization and the shifting nature of the scholarly communication eco-system presents new challenges for libraries attempting to adhere to institutional policies and meet legal requirements regarding online accessibility for those users. The LYRASIS accessibility survey was conducted in early 2019 as a mechanism to better understand how (primarily academic) libraries within the United States are handling accessibility for...

NHPRC 'Small & Diverse Archival Organization Needs Assessment Project’ Summary Report

Thomas F.R. Clareson
In Summer 2019, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) selected LYRASIS Consulants Tom Clareson and Leigh Grinstead to manage a research project to assess the needs of small and diverse archival repositories. The LYRASIS approach to the needs assessment was to work with the archival community on both an online survey project and a series of virtual focus groups. The report below provides information on both of those project components, and provides recommendations...

The Alternatives Pilot Project: A LYRASIS Catalyst Fund Research Report

Leigh A. Grinstead
In 2020, Yeshiva University submitted an idea application to the LYRASIS Catalyst Fund. It outlined a community need to address humanities textbook costs by leveraging library resources. Over 2020 and 2021, LYRASIS and Yeshiva University piloted a program to harness academic librarians’ expertise with humanities information resources. They reviewed syllabi and re-designed them using open-source documents and resources (“AlterTexts”). These AlterTexts were already available to students through library full-text subscriptions (periodical literature, electronic reference sources,...

Digital Content Acquisition Survey Report

Hannah Rosen
In the fall of 2021, the LYRASIS Content and Scholarly Communication Initiatives (CSCI) team conducted a survey of academic-leaning institutions that acquire digital content through LYRASIS in order to better understand national content acquisition trends. This report examines the findings from that survey.

Building Libraries, Building Communities: A Summit on the Role of Public Libraries in Re-creating Community on the Gulf Coast

Sandra Nyberg, Elizabeth E. Bingham & MaryEllin Santiago
SOLINET, the State Library of Louisiana and the Mississippi Library Commission hosted a Summit in Baton Rouge, LA, November 28-30, 2006, designed to assist libraries in planning for rebuilding after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. The Summit is part of the Gulf Coast Libraries Project, funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and administered by SOLINET. The invitation-only Summit was for teams from the affected libraries in Louisiana and Mississippi....

Acting Now to Enhance Performing Arts Emergency Preparedness: A White Paper

Thomas F.R. Clareson & Sandra Nyberg
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation convened a group of experts from the arts and heritage communities on September 22, 2015, to consider strategies for strengthening emergency preparedness within the performing arts sector. In response to what was learned during that meeting about needs, resources, barriers and opportunities, LYRASIS, one of the participants in the convening, proposed a planning project to design a program to improve and increase emergency preparedness within the performing arts sector. This...

Museum Technology Landscape 2018: Discovery and Findings

Laurie Arp & Megan Forbes
his report summarizes a study of collections management systems and practices within the museum community conducted by LYRASIS with funding in part from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The study was comprised of surveys and individual interviews. This report has been adapted from the original report to remove proprietary, confidential and respondent-identifying information. Opinions expressed in the report are those of the authors and collaborators, and do not necessarily represent those of The Andrew W....

NHPRC Final Performance Report

Thomas F.R. Clareson & Leigh A. Grinstead
This report is a list of all performance objectives achieved for the NHPRC 'Small and Diverse Archival Organization Needs Assessment Project' grant.

LYRASIS 2022 Research Information Management Survey Report

Hannah Rosen

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